Saturday, 27 June 2020

Jesus too white? Could be....says Archbishop

I do read the Sun newspaper, call me a plonker. Perhaps I am but the paper is mostly quite fun to read. Most of it is for the nations’ dumbos like me but there are bits of seriousness. This Saturday in an interesting snippet, the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks Jesus’ image should be reconsidered. Yes, he feels he is too white. No, really? You know this is just the sort of thing we have wanted the Church of England’s supremo to say. It is absolutely brilliant. Just the job. That’s what we need right now. Jesus is too white. I think the Arch might need a few more things that are important, was St Peter really a fisherman? Was St Paul actually a re-incarnation of the too white Jesus? Questions I think that need solving forthwith and the Church’s Synod should be discussing these things for the next five years at least.

And then we read this...

Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Mrs T wouldn’t be ill with Covid-19’ hits the spot. It is about dithering by politicians. Now, you might not like Mrs Thatcher, in fact only the likes of the rabid left wanted to keel-haul her but personally I agree with Jeremy. Forgive me the pun but the lady had balls! Something which some present day politicians need looking at. Perhaps a quick visit to the hospital might solve the case. She wouldn’t have been fazed by Covid. No, sir! Stand up and send in the marines, that was her motto. Never mind the bed-wetters, smack a few heads together, show ‘m who is boss.

Lastly Lorraine Kelly wrote on the selfish trash who spoiled our beauty spots. Something I have mentioned in a previous post as well. Indeed I have to apologise for just mentioning those appalling young people who left tons of rubbish on one of the prettiest beaches in all of England. I left out the hundreds if not thousands of old fools who joined in and had no second thoughts at all in leaving behind used condoms, tampons, BBQs and left over food scraps just to name a few items.

As Lorraine said, these are the people who were clapping the NHS, who say they care about the planet, who demonstrate their ‘social awareness’ by throwing statues they don’t like into the water or daub stupid slogans on Winston’s statue. Well, it probably shows how far we have moved since we separated from the monkeys. Probably not very much. Let’s stop pretending we are important. But most of all, clean up our act.


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