Friday, 26 June 2020

It's all a load of rubbish...

Great news we see on the television today. Mass brawls on the beaches. Yes, even in Wales. Ogmore by Sea, basically a beach without services (good!) did see a mass brawl by mainly young persons. Why? Only God knows, drink and drugs probably. There goes a shiver down my spine when I think these idiots are going to rule the country in 5 or 10 years time. Maybe that answers some present politicians and their quality as well. Tons of rubbish left and frankly I do believe that young people despite what they say publicly have no regard at all for the environment. Because if you did you would not leave such massive amounts of crap for others to clean up. They pontificate about the fouling of the oceans with plastic but leave tons of it on the beach of which quite a lot will be ending up into the sea. All that matters is to gulp down alcohol as fast as possible and smoke the marijuana cultivated in the cellars of the slums they live in. Anyone looking forward ten years to colonise Mars is wasting their time. We probably will end up using Mars as a convenient rubbish dump. I just love reading stories about mining the asteroid belt, who are they kidding? If you have studied psychology or even psychiatry you will know that we have allowed our society to develop a type of human being who has no regard for anything because they feel short-changed by society.  But whatever or however we look at it, the future does not look rosy. If educated aliens who are thousands of years ahead in knowledge came to our planet, they would probably just see as easy food. Yum Yum, I hope I am tasty enough.

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