Thursday, 11 June 2020

Doing the right thing? Oh dear me.....

When we had to go through the election process, the last election, there were times I thought we actually lived in a totalitarian state. The Labour party had descended into a clone of the Russian Communist party with a sidekick called Momentum. Well, whatever but now, today, we see the result. These people have not gone away after their election defeat, no siree! They are now Racism and Slavery protestors. Everything now that smacks of black vs white or slavery in even the most minute form is a target. Take our once much loved sit-coms, Only Fools and Horses, Dad’s Army, even It Ain’t Half Hot Mum! That type of comedy had to have stereotypes akin to white supremacy and others in servitude in some small way but funny. I have been in a national army and ribald comments are made all the time. Racism? Black? All part of the curriculum. They have not (yet) disbanded the Army but there is still time people. Gone with the Wind will probably be going into the dustbin, yet that film portrays a time in history which was all too real! So, now our children will not know history any more but have to acquiesce and keep quiet. Just another form of slavery. One of my favourite ‘uncouth’ journo’s, Rod Liddle wrote in one of his articles ‘Do you remember how we used to feel sorry for people in totalitarian states like the USSR and in Iran where they were not allowed to read the books they wanted to read or to see the films they wanted to see? The same thing is now happening here’. The problem I have with all these protests is that they get hijacked by extremists who have only one aim, to establish a totalitarian state.

But what then? Will that improve our lives? Well, looking around and God forbid having read some books about slavery and its practices including what certain dictators managed to do to their own populations, I can say I want to be living in a free society. Of course we have problems but at least we are free to do something about them, to solve them with due consideration to all.

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