Thursday, 4 June 2020

Back to normal?

It is becoming pretty clear now as to what sort of society we have here in the UK. A shallow, non-thinking, basic people who cannot wait to get to Spain to get drunk as fast as possible, fornicate on the beach in public and think that they are doing a grand job. These past weeks have shown a distinct separation of behaviour generally. Those that have abided by the advice to stay at home or in the very vicinity of it and take care for others and themselves and those who flouted everything. Some younger people actually said 'I cannot get this virus, it’s only oldies who get it' and would push around people in the supermarkets without abandon. Then there were those who abandoned all pretence to keep to the 2m distance advice, congregating on the streets in twos, threes and even more, drinking alcohol and clapping the NHS.
Well it just shows the quality of the society we have built since WW2. Unfortunately rather than getting hard, proper researched advice from our government and I mean the main government not the sideshows in Wales and Scotland or even Northern Ireland, no the London rabble, we had an enormous number of mostly conflicting advice. Back to school? Yes, in England, no everywhere else. Should we be 2m or 1m apart, no-one knows. Can we fly, yes or sorry no, not really. Perhaps wait until Grant Shapps makes up his mind whether to establish air bridges. God help us all. Then the government who has and still is, spending literally billions on something called ‘furlough’ also stated bluntly hundreds of thousands or even millions will lose their jobs. So I suppose furlough will turn into jobseekers allowance. Much less of course. But now that the lock-down is easing and the beaches are filling up, mostly with bottles of urine and human excrement because all the toilets are closed, IKEA has a queue, seven miles long to get some Swedish meatballs at the caffi and McDonalds needs police protection because the McFlurries have dried up, yes we are back to normal folks!

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