Tuesday, 23 June 2020

All life matters? Of course it does...

Reading and listening to the various reports on TV, the virus, a plane flying over the soccer stadium in Burnley and a host of others you might be forgiven thinking you lived on an alien planet. ‘Black lives matter’ being prevalent at the moment, but shouldn’t that really be ALL lives matter? All life is precious. Animal life, human life, everything. Us humans have a real responsibility to see to it that we are NOT pressurising other life, human or otherwise. That means, in my opinion, we have to tackle present day slavery, tackle inequality but also tackle living space and conditions for animal life. To that effect we need to curb human activity. Now, what that would entail might not be popular. Less flying aeroplanes, less car driving, less producing useless goods. Less urban expansion, better use of land. Tree planting, diverse tree planting, no uniform spruce or larch plantations. Better and clean electricity generating methods, meaning sea based power generating projects. Wind, lagoon for instance. I realize that whatever needs to be produced such as wind turbines, there will be an adverse impact. Metals needs smelting, concrete bases, limestone quarrying, plastics etcetera. But if we do not start thinking and acting the outlook for the planet as a whole is not good. I think us humans need to alter our whole outlook on life. As a matter of fact in the whole scheme of things we are NOT important! But we are important for the fact we CAN do something to alter conditions for all life on this planet. Whether that will be a positive or a negative, well it really depends on brainpower. Thinking and coming to the right conclusions and actions. Let’s hope the likes of Mr Trump, Putin et al are listening, sitting down and thinking ‘Why does the sun get up every morning’?

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