Saturday, 27 June 2020

Jesus too white? Could be....says Archbishop

I do read the Sun newspaper, call me a plonker. Perhaps I am but the paper is mostly quite fun to read. Most of it is for the nations’ dumbos like me but there are bits of seriousness. This Saturday in an interesting snippet, the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks Jesus’ image should be reconsidered. Yes, he feels he is too white. No, really? You know this is just the sort of thing we have wanted the Church of England’s supremo to say. It is absolutely brilliant. Just the job. That’s what we need right now. Jesus is too white. I think the Arch might need a few more things that are important, was St Peter really a fisherman? Was St Paul actually a re-incarnation of the too white Jesus? Questions I think that need solving forthwith and the Church’s Synod should be discussing these things for the next five years at least.

And then we read this...

Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Mrs T wouldn’t be ill with Covid-19’ hits the spot. It is about dithering by politicians. Now, you might not like Mrs Thatcher, in fact only the likes of the rabid left wanted to keel-haul her but personally I agree with Jeremy. Forgive me the pun but the lady had balls! Something which some present day politicians need looking at. Perhaps a quick visit to the hospital might solve the case. She wouldn’t have been fazed by Covid. No, sir! Stand up and send in the marines, that was her motto. Never mind the bed-wetters, smack a few heads together, show ‘m who is boss.

Lastly Lorraine Kelly wrote on the selfish trash who spoiled our beauty spots. Something I have mentioned in a previous post as well. Indeed I have to apologise for just mentioning those appalling young people who left tons of rubbish on one of the prettiest beaches in all of England. I left out the hundreds if not thousands of old fools who joined in and had no second thoughts at all in leaving behind used condoms, tampons, BBQs and left over food scraps just to name a few items.

As Lorraine said, these are the people who were clapping the NHS, who say they care about the planet, who demonstrate their ‘social awareness’ by throwing statues they don’t like into the water or daub stupid slogans on Winston’s statue. Well, it probably shows how far we have moved since we separated from the monkeys. Probably not very much. Let’s stop pretending we are important. But most of all, clean up our act.


Friday, 26 June 2020

It's all a load of rubbish...

Great news we see on the television today. Mass brawls on the beaches. Yes, even in Wales. Ogmore by Sea, basically a beach without services (good!) did see a mass brawl by mainly young persons. Why? Only God knows, drink and drugs probably. There goes a shiver down my spine when I think these idiots are going to rule the country in 5 or 10 years time. Maybe that answers some present politicians and their quality as well. Tons of rubbish left and frankly I do believe that young people despite what they say publicly have no regard at all for the environment. Because if you did you would not leave such massive amounts of crap for others to clean up. They pontificate about the fouling of the oceans with plastic but leave tons of it on the beach of which quite a lot will be ending up into the sea. All that matters is to gulp down alcohol as fast as possible and smoke the marijuana cultivated in the cellars of the slums they live in. Anyone looking forward ten years to colonise Mars is wasting their time. We probably will end up using Mars as a convenient rubbish dump. I just love reading stories about mining the asteroid belt, who are they kidding? If you have studied psychology or even psychiatry you will know that we have allowed our society to develop a type of human being who has no regard for anything because they feel short-changed by society.  But whatever or however we look at it, the future does not look rosy. If educated aliens who are thousands of years ahead in knowledge came to our planet, they would probably just see as easy food. Yum Yum, I hope I am tasty enough.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

All life matters? Of course it does...

Reading and listening to the various reports on TV, the virus, a plane flying over the soccer stadium in Burnley and a host of others you might be forgiven thinking you lived on an alien planet. ‘Black lives matter’ being prevalent at the moment, but shouldn’t that really be ALL lives matter? All life is precious. Animal life, human life, everything. Us humans have a real responsibility to see to it that we are NOT pressurising other life, human or otherwise. That means, in my opinion, we have to tackle present day slavery, tackle inequality but also tackle living space and conditions for animal life. To that effect we need to curb human activity. Now, what that would entail might not be popular. Less flying aeroplanes, less car driving, less producing useless goods. Less urban expansion, better use of land. Tree planting, diverse tree planting, no uniform spruce or larch plantations. Better and clean electricity generating methods, meaning sea based power generating projects. Wind, lagoon for instance. I realize that whatever needs to be produced such as wind turbines, there will be an adverse impact. Metals needs smelting, concrete bases, limestone quarrying, plastics etcetera. But if we do not start thinking and acting the outlook for the planet as a whole is not good. I think us humans need to alter our whole outlook on life. As a matter of fact in the whole scheme of things we are NOT important! But we are important for the fact we CAN do something to alter conditions for all life on this planet. Whether that will be a positive or a negative, well it really depends on brainpower. Thinking and coming to the right conclusions and actions. Let’s hope the likes of Mr Trump, Putin et al are listening, sitting down and thinking ‘Why does the sun get up every morning’?

Saturday, 20 June 2020

What next Boris? Dither some more?

Boris, Boris, Boris, yes Boris the PM. Please my man stop listening to those ill informed specialists. Especially when they have a left-bias and most have! The trouble with Boris is that he doesn’t seem to be his ebullient self at the moment. He dithers. One minute he says schools are back, next minute they are not because the unions didn’t like it. Who cares a toss about unions right now? The TUC supremo, I cannot remember her name, has only been seen once on TV and besides smiling didn’t say much. Just wondering if she disappeared to her summer house in the wilds of Scotland? That other chief, of Unite seems more talkative, well at least he manages to get his point over. One thing that Boris likes is a barbecue, we can now have one. Carry on with the holiday Boris, just look now and again at the sharply rising national debt. Anyone thought yet at how this is going to be paid? Well, National Insurance for businesses will be cut but most likely upped for every worker. That alone is interesting because we may look at 5,000,000 unemployed. Boris, Boris stop listening and for once act! You promised much but so far have done little. Yes, the virus has scuppered a lot of action that otherwise would have happened. Stop listening to the opposition, stop arguing with that failed MI5 guy or was it MI6, who cares. Act, we might not like it, we probably will hate you but we pay you to make the unpopular popular. If you want yourself and the Conservatives to be in government after the next general election, start acting now!

Friday, 19 June 2020

Some hard truths?

Sometimes newspapers carry funny bits of information. According to Rod Liddle my fav journo, scientists in Japan are predicting that within 20 years or so, we will be communicating with animals. That’s useful. I can ask the cat, do you love me? Answer – ‘Love YOU? What the f…, I don’t even like you. You are a dweeb, put out my food on time, you plonker and get off the settee, it’s mine’! Some slightly altered sentence from Rod.

There will be some very interesting discussions, I’m sure. Or words to that effect. Anyway, it might be fun, if it’s true and are bothered to spend money and time on such research. But then the Japanese? My cat doesn’t speak Japanese, but likes sushi though. So, it might work. ‘Here kitty, kitty, how about some hara-kiri, sorry sushi’?

Joking apart though, has anyone ever thought why this Covid-19 has been so rampant? I was watching a programme on the Freesat Channel called Abandoned Engineering, it was showing some very large abandoned buildings in Germany. Buildings that were built in the late 1800’s. Solitary palaces set in woodland. It was amazing to learn that these were a type of hospitals. One disease that was so rampant was tuberculosis. There was no antidote, no vaccination. It killed 80% of those who caught it. Any reverberations in our brains yet? I picked up quickly it was the amount of people that had moved into the conurbations. Berlin in particular. So, yet again, it is the closeness, the squalor, the unhygienic situations that had allowed a serious disease to spread. It is the same every time. Today coronavirus spreads so easily because of the number of people travelling God knows where, all across the globe. We are now popping over to New York for a meeting, for Pete’s sake. And we are still unhygienic! Look at some public toilets, in aircraft, trains (if you can find one), or buses. Look at the rubbish thrown away, some just on the roads. Does everyone brush their teeth? Ask your dentist (if you can find one). Washing hands is just too much work for some...

The truth is just us humans who are guilty of bringing these diseases to all. Through fouling our living space, the earth, the seas and oceans, the very air we breathe. To congregating in thousands, even millions, time after time. I have mentioned before, human numbers have reached a plateau. But worse, humans now are moving towards areas of the world where the climate is still within comfortable range. So Europe will have to accommodate millions within the next 30 to 50 years. You can see this behaviour now, by the number that just want to reach the UK. So, no easy answers but I do think we need a type of politician, even all politicians, who are not afraid taking hard, sometimes unpopular decisions. We need people who can see clearly that we need good, sound policies to plan for a land that can support its citizens AND all that lives there. Nature should be uppermost in everything.

We need to forget what WE want, we need to remember what the world we depend on wants and needs.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Woke Britain is very much alive...

Blimey, woke Britain is alive and very well. Churchill started WW2, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini are the good guys. Google made Churchill disappear according to the newspapers from their WW2 commanders article. Well, why not, Google does as it fits the bill. Whatever bill that is.

Will Google now rewrite history? Probably, it seems they keep idiots employed. You know the type, social liberal lefties with a humanities degree. Most likely Home Economics. Or nowadays in how to cut hair. I think that very soon you could get a PHd in researching the best way to wash up the dishes. According to my wife I am already the best.Perhaps I should work for Google except I am now retired from such frivolity.

But as I mentioned in a previous article, Britain is in danger of pandering to stupid and irresponsible demands from aforementioned lefties. And opposed by their opposite number, the ultra right ‘nationalistic’ vigilantes. Neither have a real clue as what is really at stake. You only have to look at how totalitarian states and regimes treat their own people to see the results. Whether based on religious or social principles I leave for others to discuss; I don’t care because I want to live in what I term a free society. It has to be understood by all that freedom comes with a set of rules. Usually these are embodied in a constitution. The UK has no constitution and perhaps we need to look at that but rules there have to be. Simply because 66million people cannot all live in castles or at the sea side, so to say. So, let’s calm down and start a proper dialogue with various bodies to see where we go next in our quest for equality. Because I feel that is the only thing that matters.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Doing the right thing? Oh dear me.....

When we had to go through the election process, the last election, there were times I thought we actually lived in a totalitarian state. The Labour party had descended into a clone of the Russian Communist party with a sidekick called Momentum. Well, whatever but now, today, we see the result. These people have not gone away after their election defeat, no siree! They are now Racism and Slavery protestors. Everything now that smacks of black vs white or slavery in even the most minute form is a target. Take our once much loved sit-coms, Only Fools and Horses, Dad’s Army, even It Ain’t Half Hot Mum! That type of comedy had to have stereotypes akin to white supremacy and others in servitude in some small way but funny. I have been in a national army and ribald comments are made all the time. Racism? Black? All part of the curriculum. They have not (yet) disbanded the Army but there is still time people. Gone with the Wind will probably be going into the dustbin, yet that film portrays a time in history which was all too real! So, now our children will not know history any more but have to acquiesce and keep quiet. Just another form of slavery. One of my favourite ‘uncouth’ journo’s, Rod Liddle wrote in one of his articles ‘Do you remember how we used to feel sorry for people in totalitarian states like the USSR and in Iran where they were not allowed to read the books they wanted to read or to see the films they wanted to see? The same thing is now happening here’. The problem I have with all these protests is that they get hijacked by extremists who have only one aim, to establish a totalitarian state.

But what then? Will that improve our lives? Well, looking around and God forbid having read some books about slavery and its practices including what certain dictators managed to do to their own populations, I can say I want to be living in a free society. Of course we have problems but at least we are free to do something about them, to solve them with due consideration to all.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Racism and slavery - Problems that just wont go away...

I do read a few of the questions and answers from a discussion program called Quora. I read it in English, Dutch and German and I have to say the English language version outshines the Dutch and mostly the German one as well. There is however also a, lot of dross on it, some a bit sexual if you like that sort of thing but also interesting questions about the universe, mathematical conundrums and so on. The one highlighted which got my attention was by an Asian person who answered the following question – What sucks about being white?

He (I think it is a he) says If you are white, everyone will accuse you of racism, oppression, cultural appropriation, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia - every sin in the world, even though you by all standards are better than 95 percent of the world’.

Remember though he speaks in the plural, 'you' meaning every single white person.

He quantifies that saying through asking and answering – What’s about slavery? Answer - ‘Did you know that slavery existed throughout the entire history of human beings? Europeans were also held as slaves - not only in Ancient Rome, but also quite recently - by historical standards - as part of the Arab, Barbary and Ottoman slave trades’. ‘In Constantinople (present-day Istanbul), the administrative and political centre of the Ottoman Empire, about a fifth of the population consisted of slaves in 1609 - many of whom came from Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and Africa’.

Yet there is no “Turkish” guilt whatsoever. There is no “Arab” guilt. No one in the Arab or Turkish world has a “White Pride Parade” today, nor are Arabs forced by their educational system to cast aside their glorious history and deride their ancestors for slavery. You can read the same about slavery in Muslim Spain, in Iran, and so on.

Slavery was ubiquitous until it was ended in the 20th century. By Europeans’.

Interesting? Read about his view on colonialism - Did you know that it also existed pretty much everywhere in the world? That almost a third of the European continent was once a place conquered by the Islamic states, let alone the Islamic conquest of North Africa. Why does no-one speak of Islamic colonialism and Islamic guilt? Colonialism was ubiquitous until it was ended in the 20th century. By Europeans. Life was a mess before the 20th century - pretty much everywhere in the world. The whole concept of human rights, that we today take for granted, did not at all exist until it was established by Europeans. Everything bad that is ascribed to Europeans - colonialism, racism, slavery, sexism - was ubiquitous everywhere in the world, until it was ended by Europeans. Stop hating your (European) history and take pride in it - just as everyone else in the world does. Every history of every race and ethnicity has its bright and its dark moments. Let’s forget what is long gone and look forward to a world where no such things will exist - only beautiful moments!’

I would say – Hear, hear! But as we know slavery does still exist, even in Europe!

Nevertheless the article is well placed and as some of the replies show, pretty well being misunderstood by some. Extremism takes over. What will dunking a stupid statue do except to give a good feeling for some for a little while? Will it change the system? Mostly not I suspect. I have said before we humans do not learn much from history. We cannot change history as much as we will shout and scream. But we can change the present for the better. Through a proper dialogue and coherent plans that make sense to the population at large. I suspect the great majority of people today abhor racism and slavery and all that comes with it. But I’m afraid hurting police horses will only turn the tide against.

I regret that humanity in the past thought slavery was OK, greed and money uppermost. The UK was certainly not alone in that rancid activity, the Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese all had a hand in it as far as Europeans were concerned. Arabs, Chinese, Japanese all alike. So, if we want to have a go, let’s all march on Beijing or Tehran and throw their statues around. There’s plenty of choice. It’s right, we need to change and not just here, but everywhere.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Back to normal?

It is becoming pretty clear now as to what sort of society we have here in the UK. A shallow, non-thinking, basic people who cannot wait to get to Spain to get drunk as fast as possible, fornicate on the beach in public and think that they are doing a grand job. These past weeks have shown a distinct separation of behaviour generally. Those that have abided by the advice to stay at home or in the very vicinity of it and take care for others and themselves and those who flouted everything. Some younger people actually said 'I cannot get this virus, it’s only oldies who get it' and would push around people in the supermarkets without abandon. Then there were those who abandoned all pretence to keep to the 2m distance advice, congregating on the streets in twos, threes and even more, drinking alcohol and clapping the NHS.
Well it just shows the quality of the society we have built since WW2. Unfortunately rather than getting hard, proper researched advice from our government and I mean the main government not the sideshows in Wales and Scotland or even Northern Ireland, no the London rabble, we had an enormous number of mostly conflicting advice. Back to school? Yes, in England, no everywhere else. Should we be 2m or 1m apart, no-one knows. Can we fly, yes or sorry no, not really. Perhaps wait until Grant Shapps makes up his mind whether to establish air bridges. God help us all. Then the government who has and still is, spending literally billions on something called ‘furlough’ also stated bluntly hundreds of thousands or even millions will lose their jobs. So I suppose furlough will turn into jobseekers allowance. Much less of course. But now that the lock-down is easing and the beaches are filling up, mostly with bottles of urine and human excrement because all the toilets are closed, IKEA has a queue, seven miles long to get some Swedish meatballs at the caffi and McDonalds needs police protection because the McFlurries have dried up, yes we are back to normal folks!