Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Come back Boris......

Just to mention our prime minister (the best one we've had for some time!) is now also suffering the effects of the Covid virus. Let's hope, nay pray, that he will pull through! It would be terrible to have to go through all that electioneering, backbiting, arguments, telling lies and more, all over again. So Boris, get better soon, I'll keep my fingers crossed. At least you are in the right place, the hospital in London in which you are now is one of the best. And as an aside we have to be thankful for the people of the NHS, talk about putting your life on the line? It should be applauded. But humanity has a short memory span, when this is all over who will remember the unstinting service of the nurses and doctors? Well, for one I will! It is through them I am still here and not in a shallow grave or wafting about like a spirit. Look at what they do now - going to work knowing how their day may end. Soooooooo, here is a big hand from me.

PS I used an image from dreamstime.com, I think it's royalty free. 

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