Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The reality is quite simply...

At this time in our collective lives on the planet, stressful though it is, we need to put our thinking caps on. First of all the situation with diseases is relatively simple, they have always plagued humanity. And not just us either. If you think about how life has evolved, how it appears today you will see very quickly that literally everything depends on something or somebody else. To put it bluntly, as food. Obviously that also means defence mechanisms have evolved as well. If a body is attacked then if the defences are strong the attacking entity will get rebuffed or killed. If the defence is lacking or weak, the victim may succumb and may die. That is the simple rule of life. I suppose it is scant satisfaction knowing that you are food but thinking like that at least will make you see the reality a bit clearer.
So, what about this corona virus then – is it unusual? No, it is not. Somewhere along the line of life we have picked up an organism that usually lives on or from something else rather than humans. But as there are now so many humans, nearly 8 billion and all living pretty close together and on top of that travel all over the place, this organism managed to jump to another source which has given it the means for explosive procreation. At least one of us is happy.
One of the problems we face is that the ‘enemy’ is rather minute, we cannot see it. But we still need to understand how the ‘enemy’ behaves and we have to reduce its ability to wage ‘war’.
Furthermore we also have to reduce our own weaknesses, develop the armoury, reduce our rat-like propensity to use everything regardless of the consequences. Unlike rats we do know about consequences. To stave of future attacks from the virus or indeed any virus or bacterium we have to reduce the attack front. That will not be easy, in fact very very difficult. But we have a choice – do we want to live or die? It is a war out there baby!

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