Sunday, 22 March 2020

Resistance...or no resistance that's another question...

This is the time when you will be able to see how people can react to external stimuli. There is a disease around, yes in Wales too, that unto now has not been known As a result humans have no resistance. If you are in a good condition you might be lucky to roll over it but if you have underlying medical conditions or are older your resistance will be diminished. Those are the facts. But what I thought last week might happen after all the TV reports about dead and dying has now happened, panic buying of strange things we normally do not buy in quantity, toilet rolls! Followed on by almost anything that can last more than a few weeks. There are people bragging on social media who have hamstered supplies that probably will rot away before they can eat it all. Next we can see people in quantity this Sunday with very nice weather at the seaside walking the promenade in their thousands! Which of them did not understand the words, rampant disease, danger of death? Just look at what it does in Italy.
Treating it as a holiday? You gotta be joking! But that is what they do, it is nice weather innit? Let’s go to the seaside. I despair for those who do their best in the hospitals, the doctors and nurses working their socks off and here are the total idiots who think it is all a bit of a laugh.
I have said it before, us humans are a dead loss to this planet. Self-centered, greedy to boot.
Well, gear yourselves up idiots, it’ll come for them just the same, if not now, it will next time.

ed 25/3/2020
Well it is rather interesting - since the government set out the various rules and regulations in order to combat the virus outbreak it has become quite apparent that a heck of a lot of people just simply ignore the advice. The main road through the Ely valley is as busy as ever. There was some talk about staying home if not absolutely necessary to go out to get some food or medical supplies but there it is. That's the UK today. 
Although it has to be said that when push comes to shove(!) thousands come forward to help our NHS. The NHS is coping pretty well with this population of ours and yes it needs all the help it can get.

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