Saturday, 14 March 2020

Corona problems..

It is uncanny how people tend to think. Especially about the coronavirus outbreak. We seem to believe we can contain this. Well, let me say this although I’m no expert, as soon as people were moved away from the original place where it started we were already too late. I do understand that people want to go home but with something as virulent as Covid-19 you do not really have a choice. It was the same with the Black Plague of the Middle-Ages. Travelling then too was not really the thing to do. There again, we must also look at the severity of the illness. In particular because this will happen again. What should we do in the future? As with all rampant diseases there is only one thing that can be done whilst we are all waiting for an antidote, total isolation. That however is going to be the thing that is difficult to enforce. I mentioned before that as a species we are the most stupidest living thing around despite our brain capacity. We have no regard at all for what lives around us and in us. Nor do we care how we fit into nature, or how we should fit in. But as was said before – all actions have a reaction. Scientists have been telling about all of this for years but so far no-one seems to have listened.
No, one has done, a Swedish young lady. Greta at least has her thinking cap on and came to the right conclusion. We are failing nature. We might not like what she says but she is right. If we want to continue living a life worthy of the name we will have to start working hard. It might not be pretty, it certainly won’t be easy but have we got a choice? Really?

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