Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Civil Service or just Service

It is rather funny to read the so-called bullying reports made about the present Home Secretary. Funny because methinks usually it is the other way around. Civil servants bullying ministers. In this country there is a Civil Service, more or less permanent, that thinks it is they who rule. It is however true that the quality of ministers sometimes leaves others wondering where these people were when the braincells were given out. But the present Home Sec Ms Patel seems not one of them! It is high time that the Civil Service undergoes a good hard inspection. The trouble is that being more or less permanent, it exudes a ‘You can’t sack me’ attitude. Sort of ‘I am here, you cannot do anything to me’ and ‘I know better than you’. In my opinion for what it is worth, it is high time to put the spotlight on these secretive people.
I do however understand that policies made by politicians do need a hard look as well. Basically because some of them can and in the past have proven to be harmful, to the well-being of the nation. Therefore it needs sound thinking with the basic underlying tenet to be – the well-being of the NATION and its citizens.

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