Monday, 30 March 2020

Be a bit more realistic....

Reading the few daily newspapers I can still get in the local garage it strikes me as odd as to how many reports are doom-laden. Death and destruction all around? Footballers crashing their multi-thousand pound cars after partying with half the nation or so it seems. The papers have a field day! However, I noted one article which struck me as very forward and shall we say, thought provoking?
Trevor Kavanagh in the Sun newspaper stated some home truths! Now the Sun is not a newspaper where one can usually read good national comment, in the main it is a bit of a glorious gossip paper. But sometimes it hits the mark, and so it is today. Trevor rightly asks – where is this Covid-19 hysteria getting us? People don’t talk about how many die of the ordinary flu? As he said during the 2018 Beast of the East winter some 50,000 died! So far and of course it is sad, just over 1,200 have succumbed to the Coronavirus in this country. Yet did we shut down the country in 2018? How many will now lose their livelihoods? How many businesses will shut? I am all for a re-alignment of world economies. We should indeed have a good look at how we want to live but setting up a national debt which will take four generations or more to pay off is possibly not the way!
I think the government when recovered (!) must have a hard look at the way this has been handled by all. We will have to get away from scaremongering, also those done by high officials.
Simply because we cannot get away from diseases and never will! Surely we are not going to lock-down everything every time a bug slips on the list? We are not immune, we are just an animal like all the others. Some of us will die, some of us will live a long life. Yes, through medical interventions and I am one of the recipients (prostate cancer) we may live longer than nature intended. Great but it also means some of us will succumb to degenerative illnesses and diseases.
So, have faith, have a faith, at least that way we might understand the spiritual dimension to all of it, better than we do now.

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