Saturday, 15 February 2020

Trains, planes, and PC

As you will know by now, I have a continental background. I know about the differences between this country, Wales in particular and Germany as well as Holland and Belgium. I forgot to mention France, I admire France, the country is one of the most beautiful. However, forget its idea about how to govern, it’s a complete disaster. But take the different systems, like rail for instance. In this country we have one of the most expensive, unreliable disasters called trains. From being a world leader in the past to a laughable half-baked service that barely deserves the name ‘service’. A ticket from Cardiff to London will cost an arm and a leg, a distance of barely 180 miles. A ticket from Amsterdam to Paris will be £70 or thereabouts, double the distance. You might have a look at the Bundesbahn (Germany) where everyone sits down and the trains get you there on time. Obviously outside influences could scupper that but in the main it works! This is why I voted Conservative, along with thousands of other voters. Simply because we believed, believe still, that Boris will do what he said he will do and so far it looks good. I am not a Conservative, this is basically the first time I did so. Our politicians have for far too long taken their eyes off the ball! We have been spending an inordinate time on arguing about issues like ‘Are we gay? Should we be transgender? Can we say Black?’ Then the insidious actions of various MPs about expenses and money in general. Can we say the word corruption maybe? In any case, we are not well served and as Boris has indicated ‘It has to CHANGE’! 
All this has nothing to do with Brexit, it is just common sense. Governments are for the people not for themselves. It is about services. Services that will make our ordinary lives easier. We also should not take our eyes of the environment. It is imperative that we do make the hard decisions and stop moaning if they affect us. Buses, trains should be supported, electrification an absolute must. Almost all of the rail infrastructure in the countries I mentioned are electric. There are trams in the cities, electric buses becoming more and more widespread. Again also we need to remember we are not the only life on the planet, we need to plan bearing in mind that an elephant or a mouse, even a rat have the same call on here.
Hard decisions, hard work but that is called responsibility.

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