Thursday, 20 February 2020

Solar panels and all....

Just bought myself a smart tablet like thingie called a solar panel! About 13 inches by 9 inches it charges up at 2.4 Amp and at 12 volts. It is basically a battery charger for vehicles, like my diesel car. Oh yes, I have a diesel but one with a host of filters. But in this inclement weather the battery goes down a bit too fast. So, looking at various websites I noticed solar chargers and wondered if there was one for cars. Yes, there are! 3 types at 3 different amps. I simply put the cable in the cigarette thingymajick (the cigarette lighter holder) and it charges the battery up for free. Even if there is no direct sunlight! When not driving I just put it on the dash and leave it all day. There is one proviso, the cigarette lighter will have to be ‘live’ even if the engine is switched off. If your car is not of that type the equipment comes with cables that clip to the battery. Or you can buy (about £10) a special cable.
It made me think though if such a small thing can do that (and it works!) how about much bigger ones? Put them on the roof of the shed. Charge up batteries and change your house lights to 12 volt ones. Free illumination. It means a bit of work but well worth it. You can even buy solar mats. Flexible so these can go onto almost any surface. This summer I will have a look at that and cost it. Will let you know how I’ll fare! But this is just the top of the iceberg, if we all were prepared to spend a bit of money we could make quite an impact on the environment. OK we might have to climb onto the shed roof and if we cannot do that get the kids to do it and write a school report for their science class! In my local area they are now building houses and flats (two and three stories high) that as is said can be heated with just one candle. Interestingly, they probably have forgotten we need fresh air coming in as well. Humans breathe out a solid quantity of CO2 and water in every exhalation. Hopefully designers have not let that fall by the wayside.

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