Thursday, 20 February 2020

Funny times we live in....

We live in a very funny world, don’t we? At least a very funny Britain that is. For years we are moaning about immigration, the price of petrol and diesel. Of not having enough planes to take us to Spain and complain about the stinking railways. Do the railway carriage toilets still have outlets to outside onto the track? Might be true! Anyway, complaining for twenty years or more and now a lot of us are complaining that the government is FINALLY doing something! We are going to have a points system for immigration. Brilliant. Not before time. Africans are chomping at the bit to get to Britain as fast as possible. And not just Africans either, most of Asia wants to come as well. Companies have benefited greatly from low-quality immigration. Driving down wages and having scant regard for safety and accommodation for their cheap labour. It might halt the awful state of affairs when hundreds of immigrants are cooped up in stinking hovels all over London and the Eastern agricultural fields.Then there are the reports that fuel (petrol/diesel) tax might be increased. Another GOOD idea! Why? Well, it will curtail some from driving helping the environment but mostly it will give money available to the government to pay for some of the promises, mainly the northern infrastructure, they made during the election. We desperately need to update the British infrastructure. So, in my view, for whatever it is worth, well done Boris. Carry on REGARDLESS of all the moaning liberal ultra lefties. At least we have started on the way to recovery. Now get our armed forces sorted out. Build up the navy, it will not do when Italy has more frigates than us! In a war even the Belgians would beat us. Bring the army back up to at least half a million, times are going to be tough in future. The RAF has newer jets so that will do for a while. Do not nationalise the railways but put proper management in place and simplify ticketing. Oh yes and if the Scottish virago opens her mouth again about independence, tell her there is a rock west of the Scottish coast called Rockall and we will pay for a fast boat. The ticket will be one way only.

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