Thursday, 27 February 2020

Coronavirus and life expectancy....

It is rather interesting to read, hear and see the hundreds of reports about the coronavirus outbreak. But I got the point, it is a media frenzy. As a matter of fact the annual flu (epidemics not reported) kill vastly more people. Or more so, make vastly more people sick. We are talking millions. But that doesn't sell newspapers. Of course nobody wants to be ill but unfortunately we live on a planet together with a vast number of viruses , microbes and bacteria. As I have said before, if we reduce the number of species on the planet, the remainder have no choice but to look for alternative hosts. The one most prolific happens to be us, humans. I think it would be fair to say that we can look forward to many such occurrences in the future. I am surprised that we have not heard the ultra-left loonies say it is the fault of those dastardly Tories and Boris in particular. Let’s not hold our breath they might just be a bit late. Probably drunk and couldn’t get up early enough.

The various clubs and other venues where drink (alcohol mostly) is on sale do a roaring trade. With a pint about £3.00 they roll out of the clubs and pubs high on 10 pints, plus the little smoke in the toilets and if you can still walk, the cocaine is freely available.
That might have something to do with the life expectancy perhaps? But I am a uneducated twiddler who doesn’t know anything about those things. I would however agree with those who say that our working arrangements are not brilliant. Zero hour contracts should be banned. Drink taxed more than double it is today. A strict limit on buying alcohol, in pubs and clubs you should be able to buy tickets, no more than four and these can be interchanged for a drink.
An indelible mark on the hand will prohibit the purchase of more tickets. Well, just an idea.

One last opinion – does anyone think self-isolation will work? Didn’t think so! So, I am just waiting for those who have been to Italy and Spain and possibly the Middle-East to come back to the Rhondda. I'll see 'm in the club then and shake their hands for having escaped. Don't call me for the next 4 weeks, I'll be in bed.

Edit 23/3/2020
A couple of weeks later now and the virus is becoming rampant. A lot to do with the population's unwillingness or incapability to do the correct thing(s). Hopefully self-isolation coupled with the measures now forced upon us by the government will at least stem the ever steeper curve of infections and deaths.

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