Thursday, 13 February 2020

Change the world? Start at the beginning...

I have begun to wonder whether I am a royalist. Frankly, yes I am. I prefer the royal family as figurehead of what is still a great country. We have problems, who hasn't but at least we have a calming influence - the royals. Until recently. It is not so calming now, the waves are rolling in. I am not sure though why we are singling out Andrew, the Duke of Northern climes (York in the vernacular). There are thousands of people all over the world who do worse. Sure it doesn't make it right. But let's be very honest, how culpable were the various ladies who are now coming out of the woodwork? I don't know about you but I would be hesitant to throw accusations about. Let's be fair too, Hollywood was a sin bin. A cesspit where hundreds or even thousands flocked to and were used as bed fodder in the hope of getting a part in some fourth rate film. Directors as was reported in several papers had couches in their offices just in case they had a headache. I have a headache three times a week. Impresarios as well they all had the same problem - girls hanging on every word they uttered.
But OK, it may be that the Duke had stars in his eyes as well, blinded by the glitz and glamour.
There is but one thing you can say to the ultra liberal lefties - get real about what goes on in the world. If you want to change it, start at the beginning and not have a big go at the end result!
And finally remember this - despite all rumours, innuendos and whatever else - you're not guilty until proven guilty.

Edit - 15/2/2020
Yes, I think the word 'royalist' needs a bit of further thought. Bearing in mind that the royals are just as human as we all are, they will suffer the same ills. So, it does not really seem plausible to point our collective fingers and slovenly drool over the daily newspapers. It just needs to be remembered. But I do think the royal family takes the whole thing of being 'royal' a bit too far. If you project yourself as standing on a pedestal, there will always be those who will take a potshot. It would be a lot better if the lesser family is 'demoted' to just Mr and Mrs and simply work for a living. No Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Barons and equivalent female titles. No Lords, do away with 'privilege'. Wow, it is possibly heresy but this is 2020 after all!

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