Saturday, 18 January 2020

Yes, what about the planet?

Got a bit fed up with Brexit yet? Don’t worry there will be plenty more to come as the REAL negotiations are to start soon. Whether we will complete these before the end of the year is floating in the sky like a wispy cloud. Let’s hope it will not rain.
Anyway, there are more pressing problems around, the biggest is the planet warming up and resultant pressures on the environment. Now it ought to be understood that this concerns the whole planet, all over and everywhere, not just in the UK. First of all we need to start to persuade countries and its leaders to take this seriously. The time for prevarication is over. As David Attenborough stated in one of the recent interviews ‘It can no longer be denied that the planet is in trouble and humans are the reason’. Worse, it is expected that most of Africa will be uninhabitable with as a result enormous pressures to the northern countries to take in hundreds of thousands if not millions, of displaced people. Although this sounds the good thing to do, it will come with social pressures of enormous size. Australia had its hottest year on record and it is not likely to get better, in fact it is an upward spiral. Let’s not start thinking in this country, the UK, that we will be immune. A solid, long time during drought can set fire to us just the same and has done in the past. Presumably will do so again in due course.
It seems that people including governments have little idea what needs to be done and how to do it. There are rumblings about cattle farming, waste disposal, plastic fouling of the oceans, cars, diesel in particular and land use. It has to be remembered that our whole existence is dependent on transport, one way or another. It is also one of the main reasons of carbon dioxide proliferation. Another problem is how the environment itself reacts to a warming climate. More algae growing that emit methane. It is said that a metre of UK river emits as much carbon dioxide and methane now as driving a car for 60 miles.
Well, I suppose we will have to look at car, van and lorry driving. Moreover, air transport needs a very hard look. Holidaying in Majorca is great in one way but it just puts another nail in the collective coffin. It needs stopping. If you need a holiday, stay at home in the UK and walk, in that way you will also help the local economies. Yes, it will be hard but if we want our children and grandchildren a decent life it will have to be done!

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