Sunday, 26 January 2020

To be 'woke' or not to be 'woke', that's the question

You can read and hear a lot about PC. PC stands for political correctness, you know it when you can no longer use the words ‘black’, ‘white’, to describe the colour of people. Nor can you say someone is a lesbian or homosexual, even if they openly promote that way of living. Politicians are pretty busy explaining to all and sundry how we, the ordinary unwashed (can we still say that?) should live. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has been so busy promoting leftie liberal views it has fallen off the catwalk. Most people now have begun to question its values as a totally independent body. In my view it is no longer and therefore the law in this country should ban the BBC TV licence fee and drop this tax. We see so many idiots now promoting their leftie liberal views. Anyone who has a different view or opinion should be hauled before the courts and is definitely a racist. There is another term now ‘wokeness’, first of all I could not get it but I take it to mean as New York poet Raven Cras explains on Bravity: 'The phenomenon of being woke is a cultural push to challenge problematic norms, systemic injustices and the overall status quo through complete awareness. 'It requires an active process of deprogramming social conditionings focusing on consistent efforts to challenge the universal infractions we are all subjected to,' she adds.  
Wow, some explanation that is. Why don’t we just say ’Aware of the fashionable trends and completely agreeing with it’. So a woke person agrees with transgendering people, any fashionable sexual deviation, and whatever you may think. Obviously as per the usual it is mainly in the corrupt western world that these things are seemingly important. To be ‘woke’ means you agree with everything, and you haven’t got a brain to think. Much like the BBC then and oh yes, nearly forgot, the Labour party hierarchy.
There is not much left of the hierarchy, most are in denial about the last election results, some even seem to think they didn’t lose. Great policies they thunder, we are the party that looks after people. OK then, why are they so poor at economics? Is it because they think hand-outs will ensure people voting Labour? Obviously not. It has been Jeremy’s great failure not to understand the people’s determination to call an end to the Brexit question, even though they might not have wanted to leave the EU. Well, we now know the result. So, thinking back to some of those wonderful Sunday mornings with Andrew Marr’s ‘woke’ questioning of even ‘woker’ political luminaries and apparent dislike for everyone else including the PM, what am I going to do now? By the looks of it, I’ll wait until the Conservative honeymoon period is over and see what’s left of all those wonderful ideas and promises. Besides having a look at Rebecca Wrong-Daily, sorry Rebecca Long-Baily, another ultra-left politician. The only thing I would agree about her views is her idea to abolish the House of Lords. As she said or is reported to have said, ‘It is completely unacceptable for an unelected body to decide on country-wide issues and policies’. Well, she is not wrong in that. So, good luck to her.

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