Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The new decade now starting...

The new decade has finally started. What a year it has been, what with all the Brexit hubbub and political unrest. It has been fun. At least we have not descended in open warfare, at times it looked like the whole UK would disintegrate and frankly that might still happen. Anyway enough of the politics, there are more pressing things floating around.
But first of all I want to wish everyone who reads the blog to have a prosperous and happy 2020! In fact I wish everyone a good and healthy 2020.
We need to remember that we are in a war as well, an environmental war in which the human race is the baddie. If we are thinking about what is happening in Australia at the moment we might think about what can happen in Europe and Asia as well if draught gets a foothold. If the tundra dries out because of rising temperatures it is entirely feasible that very large fires could start there. I am aghast that generally speaking we are just oblivious to what we are doing to the planet we all depend on! Locally you will notice and that is in only a very small part of Wales, the rubbish thrown around, mainly by young people. These are the selfsame people you will see on the streets of the cities protesting about climate warming. Showing a complete misunderstanding of the situation. We must stop asking nature to solve the crisis, yes it is a crisis and change our attitudes. I would if I was PM, seriously look at house building. It ought to be obvious by now that indiscriminate building and concreting over the UK, moreover to allow access to the Green Belt, is completely the wrong way. We need proper coherent plans, to look at brown sites (erstwhile now unused industrial sites) for re-development and that’s just for starters. We need different types of industry, no plastics manufacture, no petrol or diesel engined cars. A different approach to transport systems. Lorries to be banned from cities and towns. Electric buses and trams. We need a look at how we produce food, our agricultural capabilities must be increased a hundredfold. Less cattle more fruit. Orchards to be supported. It will take time to do all of that but the processes must be started now! We also urgently need to look at how we are governed. There are already signs that the Civil Service is going to be looked at. The pally-pally system needs dismantling and hard-nosed well-educated people put in charge. The fact that a Civil Service can halt or delay and often does, policies being carried out must be stopped forthwith. Well, we’ll see what is going to happen but the signs are good. Let’s hope that it will not just fade away into obscurity as it has done so often in the past.

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