Wednesday, 4 December 2019

What a sham of an interview!

Andrew Marr to be deported? I saw the interview on the BBC channel last Sunday – if you can call it an interview – with Mr Johnson. What a farce. The Prime Minister might as well have stayed home and let Andrew Marr just keep on questioning because that’s all we heard. Questions, questions, questions. The man must just be in love with his own voice! I still haven’t an idea what the Prime Minister actually said or managed to say. Sorry Mr Marr, I think forget about being an interviewer, you did a great disservice to political discussion. We don’t want your type of ‘chat’, and keep your dislike of Boris Johnson which was very plain to see, under wraps! Impartiality? The BBC should let you go for a retirement in a far-off country. Bye-Bye.

Edit 6/12/2019
Just read that even Mr Edwards, kingpin and doyen of the BBC interviewers has been guilty of burbling on, in writing on these august social media platforms, about his predilection for socialism and the Labour party. Well, in his case he is Welsh like me, most Welsh people tend to vote for the Labour party. This has historical connotations of which we will not go into now but if you are inquisitive have a look at the miner's revolt of the early twenties or the social deprivation of the 1800's and the Victorian age. 
The only thing which I will say now is that interviewers should at all times keep their political views to themselves. They can vote for whatever or whoever they want to vote for but keep cakehole shut. (Cakehole is a dialect word around here for mouth - just to let my foreign readers know).

Edit 10/12/2019
And since we are on the subject - who in the BBC decided that interviews should be as aggressive as possible? I like to know! And having mentioned Mr Marr, he interviewed that Scottish virago, the one who continually screams - Independence!!!! and lo and behold not a single interruption. Even more he let her fully, yes FULLY, reply. I think it is a disgrace and he should totally apologise to Boris Johnson, right now.

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