Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Two-faced politicos? Believe it...

Great stuff, the NATO summit has come to the UK, just before Father Christmas arrives! It is great to see that the front the leaders show is actually a sham. The US president calling the leader of the neighbouring state, Canada, two-faced. Well, he might be or maybe not, I wouldn’t know. He’s a politician. Show me one who is not two-faced? There is Mr Macron, who reckons that NATO is pretty useless. And then there is the on-going problem of all the members who had agreed to contribute 2% of GDP for defence purposes obviously not doing it. The Russians and Chinese must be smirking whilst downing loads of vodka and sake or whatever else they drink in China.
The problem is this, we have depended on NATO to keep our freedoms and not having to learn Russian. It seems to me that we have learned nothing from the past. With an absolute shallow minded UK politician burbling on about ‘reducing tensions in the world’ thinking he can do that. Yes? Shacking up with political terror organisations will be helpful?
Islamic terror groups haven’t gone away either, not as far as I can see, and this guy, burbling Grandpa Corbyn, thinks they have a right to exist. We had chaps like that in the thirties who thought Mr H was a great guy. I would agree it is great to have peace all around but the danger is, it is one-sided. We want peace but unfortunately the lions have not gone away and are looking at us with hunger in their eyes. The problem is, as it has been from times past, the great majority being silent. We only hear reports of the thoughts and actions of the 5% who wish to harm. The 5% who come what may, want to establish their own idea of what a nation should be and it usually incorporates total control over body and mind. If NATO is floundering it is because leaders have little idea about how divided and dangerous the world really is. All have restless populations because of their actions and sometimes no-actions. Politicians subscribe to political correctness because they think all feel alike. No, they do not, 10% do, the rest stays silent. It is about time we all start to be realistic and look at what we have produced. A nation that is tearing itself apart, mostly due to half-baked PC ideas. Let’s stop it before we will be speaking Russian!

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