Friday, 6 December 2019

Thinking big, perhaps even a bit bigger....

Thanks to TV News the various reports about fires in Australia, draught in Africa, the plastic poisoning of the oceans and seas, deforestation just to name a few, there now should be no doubt that global warming is a fact. Whether we as humans are guilty or whether volcanism or even the sun itself are responsible I leave to the experts to discuss but humans without doubt are responsible for the greater part. I say this because we now know the sharply increased amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. OK guilty as charged but what are we as humans going to do about it? What can we possibly do? Relying on feuding politicians is not much good as we know. Even protesting violently in the streets will not do us much good but will ruin many houses and businesses. We need to think BIG! There have been reports by the media about various politicians talking about planting millions, billions even, of trees. As it stands it is a ludicrous suggestion and was just designed to start a political manifesto fitting in sound-bites like this because it neatly fits in with the global warming fears of humanity. The trouble with politicians is they open mouth before thinking how to achieve what they say.
But obviously, the idea of planting trees is good. So, big projects should start now to germinate thousands of seeds in carefully controlled environments as we will have to do this for the tropical and sub-tropical environments. We will need to tap the underground reservoirs that lie beneath the Sahara and start greening the largest desert on Earth. We will need to look at how we use water. Contrary to popular thinking of us as a water world, yes we are a water-world but 90% is not usable. We will need to look at how we generate electricity. Electricity will have to be the main power source for warming homes. Solar energy must become much more usable. New ways have to be found as blanketing green fields with solar panels is not much good. So yes, thinking big but in a controlled way, we have to start right away. Our car industry as it is will not last, we have to plan for its demise, similar for house building. We cannot continue blanketing all soil with concrete. We need to invest big in a farming transformation. Land suitable for agriculture needs improvement, other land not suitable will have to be used to create large super forests. We need farms to produce fruit, nuts, everything has to look at how we feed our populations. Less meat, more greens. As you can see I have started to think big. Got to end now because thinking big gives you a headache. But it’s worth it!

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