Friday, 13 December 2019

Political woe or joy? Hmmm, good question...

Well, well, a good result for the UK. I say that because the alternative, a Labour government propped up by Scottish nationalists would have been a disaster. Financially as well as socially. That is not to say that the Conservatives will carry out major changes. The financial position of the country is still not good. However, the indications are that work will start or continue to strengthen the police and the fight against crime will probably intensify. Now that the Brexit issue seems settled we can look forward to a year of strong negotiations to get the best situation out of leaving the EU. Many people did just not understand that leaving the EU meant that after that the REAL negotiations would start. To be very fair it is the Conservatives who would make a better deal of that. Jeremy was not sure as to what he wanted, what he wanted to do. In my own constituency, a Labour stronghold, the Conservatives came second! That’s unheard of, the Cons were practically non-existent around here. But one has to remember that the ‘Leave’ vote in Wales was quite strong. The party I belong to Plaid Cymru, was really out of its depth I think. It was fighting against the strong Leave vote in the referendum of 2016 and did not manage to break that. It really is not looking too good for the future nationalist vote in Wales.

But what now? I do think that we should begin to look at changing the way we vote. To install a type of proportional voting. To have a look at how other continental countries have done. It will mean coalitions as majorities would be rare occasions. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. The argument that no proper policies could be attained is a fallacy. What it would mean is that strong policies as we have had in this country would be made more acceptable to everyone. Not watered down but subtly altered.

What now for Corbyn? I think he will be ousted before John McDonnell an even greater Marxist, gets to the leadership. The Momentum rabble need kicking into touch. There is no appetite in the UK for a Soviet style Marxist government or dictatorship. It might mean that if Labour cannot or will not change we will see the emergence or should I say re-emergence of the Social Democratic party! As the Liberal Democrats have been proved a total failure this might be the moment when that party will split, as well as Labour and this will be the core of the Social Democrats. I will pray for that! (And bring a toast with my favourite cognac!).

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