Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Environmental woes...

There is a lot of talk about the environment. Especially the meeting in Madrid, Spain at which the Swedish lass, Greta will speak. The various reports I hear seem to suggest that quite a few nations play politics. In other words try to get the best out of it for themselves. That is to say they will try to lower their efforts to attain the CO2 reduction as previously agreed. Yeah, very useful. But it is not the only thing that bothers me. It is the behaviour of people generally. It is not uncommon to drive behind a car whose window will suddenly open and a load of empty McDonald’s packaging thrown out onto the road. Yes, whilst driving at 80 miles an hour! These are the selfsame youths who in college or school pontificate about global warming. Or can be found being part of some sort of demonstration! This is just in one small part of South Wales. Multiply that throughout just in this country and you have found part of the problem. Coupled with the various happenings around the planet the future looks pretty dire indeed. 

Not so long ago one bit of news about a South Wales beach, in Barry close to Cardiff, it being left with tons of rubbish after people had left to go home including used nappies,a picture of this was shown in the Dutch newspapers. Truthfully, I personally have seen this on Dutch beaches as well although not as bad as what happened in Barry. There you go, it is people who are the problem and until we change our attitude completely towards the environment, we simply deserve what we are going to get. 
I will leave it to you to think about what that will mean. 

Just as an addition to my comment about Greta - I know she is young but if you are going to speak about important issues, issues that concern the whole world, the planet; you must know the possible ways climate change can be combatted. In other words don't just give us the negatives, where are the positives? 

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