Saturday, 14 December 2019

After the election...

Don’t you just love the days after a general election? Especially after a result that no-one predicted? What with all the newspapers full of interesting stories about what went right and what went wrong. Reading Twitter and Facebook will tell you all about the various idiots that we have here. The Labour supporting celebrities in particular are an absolute hoot. Who doesn’t love Hugh Grant? Or Lily Allen? Ah yes, these champagne Marxists want to tell us all about how we should live and adore their mediocre performances. I would say to Mr Grant, go and live in Venezuela, they will adore you there. Anyway, champagne celebrities don’t ever seem to understand that their ‘fame’ is only possible because of the system we live and abide by. General elections like these will always bring recriminations, especially from the losing side. But that is the way elections are, aren’t they? One wins, the other loses.
Looking a bit deeper into this, it seems to me that yes, we have quite a division of society in the UK. This needs sorting and I am happy to hear that Boris actually accepted that. And will visit the North and other poorer areas. It is time that the Conservatives started to realise that London alone is not the UK. Now that the euphoria will subside we need to hear which promises can materialise. Surely, the NHS needs money, it always does, it is basically a bottomless pit. It needs reform. HS2 will need to be finished. The borders need strengthening, in fact an Australian type points system needs to be in place before the summer. Everyone coming in needs to be registered and have the right papers. When I came to Britain in the 70’s I was not allowed in despite being married to a Welsh girl. Until she was hauled back (we still had UK citizens entry and Non-Uk citizens booths) and confirmed our marriage – we luckily had a marriage certificate. We lived in Holland for a year or so and decided to come back. They gave 6 months to remain, which after that became indefinite time. But I decided I love Wales and the UK and so became a British subject. I voted to Leave the EU. Why? Because Brussels is an even deeper money-pit than the NHS. Europe is at the mercy of unthinking, big-spending, champagne guzzlers. Unlimited expense accounts coupled with exorbitant salaries have made the Belgian capital look like Shanghai. Buildings to house all the employees, mostly doing very little, have risen out of the ground like toadstools. That is why I want the UK to keep their money rather than waste it on such frivolity. So, now we are finally arriving at the time we should have been three years ago. Thanks to MPs who did not understand the term ‘Democracy’ and how democracy works we had delay after delay. This has finished. So, on to a bright future when we can make deals with anyone.

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