Friday, 29 November 2019

Political Ideas gone berserk...

There is a saying that goes as follows: Those who fail to learn the lessons from the past are doomed to repeat them. It is quite something to see Labour doing just that. There have been so many social experiments, just look at Russia and its satellite states, Venezuela just to name a few. On top of it all the misery and death that seems to follow these systems when established are beyond belief. Socialism tends to be just another word for a type of despotism. It seems to be a human condition to always look for power, one way or another. To govern a country is not about power, it should be about looking after well-being, proper economical systems bearing in mind the land, water and air.
It should be about establishing proper infrastructure, infrastructure that does not overburden the land by building too many houses and roads. It ought to be clear that building roads just begets more and more cars. Every action we take will have a reaction somewhere. Concreting over the land for more housing and roads will have a detrimental effect on wildlife. Also air fouling through fumes from cars and heating systems. Unbridled growth in population will almost certainly have an effect on water quality. Every action we take has a consequence.
Unfortunately as so clearly shown today in the UK undergoing a general election campaign, politicians have little idea about the real issues. Burbling mostly utter nonsense. One even stated that he would ensure 2 billion trees planted by 2040. It just defies logic. These words are so idiotic as to think the perpetrator needs to have an urgent appointment with a psychiatrist.
Because if you work it out then you will notice this. There are 20 years to go to 2040, there are 24 hours in a day, there are 365 days in a year (let’s forget a leap year for now), then we can easily calculate 365x24x20=175,200 hours. So in that time we will plant 2 billion, that is written fully as 2,000,000,000 trees. Dividing that by the hours 2,000,000,000/175,200=11,416 (rounded up) trees to be planted every hour for 40 years! You heard it here! Besides all of that what about the land? If you think of an acre you could possibly plant 20 trees? Trees like spruce or larch, no oaks or beeches these are too big! Well, that then would take 20 million acres. Wales where I live is about 5.1 million acres so four Wales sized areas will be planted by the Labour party. It shows though that politicians before opening mouth should avail themselves of the facts! Or go back to school to learn proper Maths!

Edit 30/11/2019
It may be that the report I read in a national newspaper concerning tree planting could be an exaggeration. If it is then no matter because there have been a few other parties who have said similar ideas. There was one with a promise of 30 million trees. If that was to be done by 2030, that's only ten years we're talking about 88,000 hours day and night. You'll see the same idiotic argument there.

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