Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Policy makers? Yeah, in your dreams...

We should ask at this time, facing a General Election, who pulls the strings? I am referring to those people who stand next to and behind the party leaders. Going by last night’s TV debate between Boris and Jeremy, these two are not the shakers or the makers!
For those learning English it means these two are not the thinkers and makers of policies.
They are just the mouthpieces of the two main parties in the UK. OK, so far so good but what to make of John McDonnell, now that to me seems to be the guy to watch. If he gets his hands on the reins you will find the horse will be steered so far to the left it will be in danger to derail the state coach! Most likely disappear into the fast-flowing Thames. It sounds good doesn’t it, a pay limit of no more than £350,000 annually. Now that seems to me a carrot of great proportions! But it means nothing. There are so many ways to circumvent that stupid rule. Foreign payments to non-British banks, share options just to name a few of the hundreds of ways to pay people. It shows though a complete misunderstanding of the systems. These sayings are sound-bites to confuse the gullible. The danger is that we have too many gullible people in the UK, most of the students we have do not think further than where the next party will be. I remember an article from the Guardian (see excerpt below) -
An unofficial biography of David Cameron written by the Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft contains a series of allegations. They include that the prime minister spent time in a drug-taking environment at university, that he took part in a bizarre dinner club initiation ritual, and another claim about Cameron’s knowledge of the peer’s offshore tax status.
Which shows clearly the standard of student behaviour, generally speaking. It might make you wonder which University Mr McDonnell went to. In short, the standard of MPs is pretty low. In a way it reflects the general standards of behaviour in the country as a whole. It has become a more aggressive, self-seeking celebrity cult. Sad? Yes, it is but there is always time to turn round the ship.

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