Thursday, 14 November 2019

Majestic issues

Blimey, it never just rains but it pours. You might have noticed that we have a royal family here in the old UK. Like most families, including my own, there are differences of opinion or even rows. But they tend to get resolved or if very serious, people will just run away. That is what seems to be the case in HRH households. The problem a new husband faces is how to protect the sanctity of the marital home. It cannot be easy to live a stone's throw away from granny with all that includes. On top of that there will be the inevitable media intrusion. It would be much better to just ignore all that, unfortunately the little lady is an actress and used to calling on the media to 'show' off her inevitable good looks. You cannot have it all. A choice might need to be made. So, remember people, peace within the family is a precious thing. Worth keeping it.

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