Wednesday, 20 November 2019

State Terror? Who knows...

With the Labour party’s policies outlining its stance on immigration and coupled with their insistence on calling anyone who disagrees a racist, a xenophobe or worse I am sorry to have to tell you I could be a racist, a racist just because I am white, a Caucasian but in the summer I get another colour so I ought to despise white people. That is according to Labour. It is of course one of the reasons I will never vote and never have done so, vote Labour. Today it is basically a totalitarian party akin to Russian examples. Total State control and any well thinking person knows it might also mean State terror. Looking back at history you easily note the terrible damage totalitarian states did inflict on their own people. Millions died in Russian gulags, millions died in the German concentration camps. And as far as concentration camps are concerned, apparently it was Britain who invented them. 
Millions are still dying today. 

To be very frank the collective human history is one of continual war, extortion, power struggles, starvation and disease. If humanity stood in front of its teacher, like schoolchildren today, the report would be a resounding failure on all accounts. We would be lucky to get a D! Or in the new education systems, a 3! This is the situation that Labour intends to continue, in fact to enlarge. It is easy to become despondent, although we should not. We should always try to be better. So, this time I would say let’s look at the future, what type of world do we want to leave for our children, grandchildren. Will it be a desert? Will it be an ocean and seas devoid of fish? Will it be a world where humanity will have to live below ground, because of the summer heat? Or can we, will we, make a start finally to make all of humanity equal in all respects and through that save the planet for all creatures inclusive. The choice is ours today!

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