Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Democratic or what...

Are you or will you be unhappy about any decision made by others? Are you unhappy that the Liberal Democrats are not invited to speak in a debate that was organised for the two main parties in this country? Are you unhappy that Sir Lindsay was elected Speaker? Or are you even more unhappy with the local weather? Yes? I think you should take legal action. Well, everybody else does. The legal profession is wringing its collective hands in glee! Holding the political power now, yeaaah!
To be frank, I think the establishment has gone a bit potty. It is a show of powerlessness. Also probably an effect of the media storms all around. It is my belief that the present aggravation is media orchestrated. They probably don’t even know it, that’s the funny thing. The BBC has been called one-sided. When you look at the programmes you cannot help but think that it is the BBC in the forefront of political correctness. Rightly or completely wrongly! The newspapers are not far behind either. I read the main left-centre papers but do not hold my nose at a right-centre paper. Some of the editorials are pretty close to the mark. But it is fun. My favourite amongst the article wizards has to be Rod Liddle. He at least writes in a comical style that appeals to me. ‘Taking the mick’ as they say. Nevertheless he puts in a pretty serious note as well. Politicians generally speaking have been guilty of one thing – misunderstanding what democracy means. You can shout about it, cry even but democracy is in the end a political way to ensure the majority view and wishes prevail. May that long continue and politicians come to their senses because if they do not the situation if this country could become ‘treisgar’ (look it up in a Welsh dictionary or Google it!) Siลตr i fod.

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