Saturday, 16 November 2019

Bidding war, come and join!

Come and join the bidding war now raging in Britain! Great stuff, I am offering £10 to support the buy-out of BT! In reality this is a ludicrous situation. 
Some party offers to plant 30 million trees by 2025 and immediately another increases that to 60 million. Oh yes, you have heard it here. OK then, who offers 90 million? Let me know because I fancy D.Trump will want a piece of the action! 
This is how idiotic General Elections can be and usually are, loads of promises that are not going or just cannot, be kept. The problem though is that good ol’ Britain is full of brain-dead people who only hear the words ‘free’ and ‘tax the rich’. Actually everybody will pay more tax. Either in increased rates or less benefits or increased prices because companies have to fund these extraordinary actions and pay more tax as well. So, Mr McDonnell let me tell you to go back and learn proper Economics.
But he doesn't or needs to care. He is just another brain-dead rich kid who fancies himself a statesman by nationalising everything. It sounds so appealing to the students in universities and colleges, a real change in politics. Indeed it would be but not with the benefits they expect!
Insofar the trees are concerned, anyone know where we can buy 30 or 60 million trees before Christmas? This is what makes these promises so ludicrous, a soundbite for those who listen to the BBC with wondering eyes, thinking actually Prince Andrew is an alien. So much for improving education. Besides which nursery do we know have so many trees at such short notice? Trees from cuttings or seed need at least 5 or so years to become available for proper site planting.

Friends, it is really time to get to grips with our political systems. Let’s get real, if we want proper democracy a two party system (forget the LibDems, they are just an irritant) needs to transform into a proper proportional system. No voting for individuals in the main but just vote for a party. I have said before, look over the water. They have had such systems for over two hundred years. In that respect I would agree with Plaid, the Lib-Dems and all other small parties. It would be better for the country to have a sound coalition where such excesses as we hear now being promised are not possible or needed!

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