Thursday, 31 October 2019

Democratic principle? What is that...

One of the funniest journalists, Rod Liddle, writing in the Sun newspaper mentioned that he was not a Conservative but would vote Conservative. Firstly I feel exactly the same way and I tell you why. There should be no doubt that if Labour under Corbyn get their hands on power we will be the next Venezuela. The next world’s basket case. You might not agree with all the issues confronting us due to the unbridled laissez-faire system, or free trade but at least it has given us a reasonable lifestyle. Certainly, it is not perfect, lots need looking at but we cannot just open the borders to every person who wants to come whether because they think it will give them a better lifestyle, or benefits or whatever. But we do need the well-educated, the medical staff, the business entrepreneurs, the scientists. Indeed an Aussie style points system is a must. We must not go back to this State control idea from the likes of Corbyn or McDonnell. These ideas are absolute poppycock. Even so, we might have to consider looking at the way we run essential industry or services. Water, power might need better supervision as will the transport system. These though will not get better by complete state control. But as said before - let’s find the golden centre route. I am not a Conservative either but will vote Conservative. Why? I abhor the failure of the political classes to honour a vote cast in 2016. Especially as all parties stated they would abide by the result. This is why it is strange that so many seem to have very little idea what democracy actually entails. I think they looked at the result and saw a slight majority for leaving the EU meaning that the remain faction was close. Hence the idea that the result could easily be overturned. In other words Parliament mirrored the referendum result. But they should not have been able to do that and express these type of views as politicians should abide by the voting systems and results. Referenda are won by simple majority, it could have just been one person! Yet, this was the fact forgotten by most politicians, particularly those who are called Remainers.
The question now is how do we solve this blatant disregard of democratic principles? This is why politicians of all colours have had to endure the torrents of abuse. I am not surprised. It may well be that this country needs 5 years of total state control to come to its senses? The problem though is when something like that is started it may turn out to be for a very long time. Ultra-left people do not believe in self-regulation or free-thinking. So think carefully otherwise we might not get what we wish for.

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