Thursday, 31 October 2019

Ladies of Westminster, going, going, gone...

So, the latest news from that glorious place, the Commons, is that most of the lady MPs are stepping down, or not standing for re-election. In a way that is sad and the level of vitriol directed at them deplorable. But I have to say it is not entirely strange, some of the MPs, actually quite a lot, have demonstrated that voting for something political has no meaning whatsoever. Whatever they say now, it is entirely a situation of their own making. They have held the electorate in contempt for over three years. If you look at the situation in the UK today, in particular the political situation, you will notice how the actions of MPs have contributed to the malaise. Trust in the system has been totally lost, MPs once held in high esteem have become no more than the next door neighbour you do not like because they don’t trim the hedges. Of course, it is sad and to be very frank, it is probably for the best that they do not intend to come back. Let’s renew the whole lot, vote in fresh bodies with a renewed vigour. We need it.
Deselect all present MPs, make them go through the selection of candidates’ process again. The system needs a strong boot up the backside as a wake-up call. Don’t mess it up yet again people. Do it right!

Mae'r tywydd yn braf,,,

Diwrnod hyfryd arall! Glaw a fwy glaw. Ro’n i wedi gweithio yn yr afon nesa fy nhŷ, pam?
Achos llawer o ddŵr geisio yn erydu cloddiau’r afon. Fy nghardd yw nesa i’r afon. Yn ffodus roedd fy ŵyr gymorth dda iawn. Mae dŵr sgraffiniol iawn, yn enwedig nesa fy nhŷ, rydym ni agos tro’r afon. Beth bynnag, ynghyd byddwn ni llwyddianus y gaeaf hwn (gobeithio!).

Gol 16/11/2019
Ah, mae'n oer nawr. Ar ôl y newyddion glywes i am y llifogydd, a llifogydd o ddeigryn ar hyd yr afon Don yn Sir Efrog. Meddwlwch am problemau gyda yswiriant!

Democratic principle? What is that...

One of the funniest journalists, Rod Liddle, writing in the Sun newspaper mentioned that he was not a Conservative but would vote Conservative. Firstly I feel exactly the same way and I tell you why. There should be no doubt that if Labour under Corbyn get their hands on power we will be the next Venezuela. The next world’s basket case. You might not agree with all the issues confronting us due to the unbridled laissez-faire system, or free trade but at least it has given us a reasonable lifestyle. Certainly, it is not perfect, lots need looking at but we cannot just open the borders to every person who wants to come whether because they think it will give them a better lifestyle, or benefits or whatever. But we do need the well-educated, the medical staff, the business entrepreneurs, the scientists. Indeed an Aussie style points system is a must. We must not go back to this State control idea from the likes of Corbyn or McDonnell. These ideas are absolute poppycock. Even so, we might have to consider looking at the way we run essential industry or services. Water, power might need better supervision as will the transport system. These though will not get better by complete state control. But as said before - let’s find the golden centre route. I am not a Conservative either but will vote Conservative. Why? I abhor the failure of the political classes to honour a vote cast in 2016. Especially as all parties stated they would abide by the result. This is why it is strange that so many seem to have very little idea what democracy actually entails. I think they looked at the result and saw a slight majority for leaving the EU meaning that the remain faction was close. Hence the idea that the result could easily be overturned. In other words Parliament mirrored the referendum result. But they should not have been able to do that and express these type of views as politicians should abide by the voting systems and results. Referenda are won by simple majority, it could have just been one person! Yet, this was the fact forgotten by most politicians, particularly those who are called Remainers.
The question now is how do we solve this blatant disregard of democratic principles? This is why politicians of all colours have had to endure the torrents of abuse. I am not surprised. It may well be that this country needs 5 years of total state control to come to its senses? The problem though is when something like that is started it may turn out to be for a very long time. Ultra-left people do not believe in self-regulation or free-thinking. So think carefully otherwise we might not get what we wish for.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Election fever!

According to the newspaper(s) I read a Welsh town – Merthyr Tydfil – is full of nitwits. Actually a slightly different good-old word was used. Well, whatever. It is a town run by the Labour party? I don’t want to tell you my opinion, it is already well-known. The Labour party is an anachronism and far removed from what is was set up for. So, Merthyr we now know is full of Labour nitwits? Right, that’s put that to bed. Good o'l Methyr.
Speaking of politicians and political parties, the shenanigans performed now on a daily basis in Westminster has made me accept that the above statement about nitwits is basically correct, there is no solution to Brexit. Mainly because too many politicians have forgotten who they represent. Although I voted to leave the EU on the basis made by a certain Mr Cameron who did, in his words, reform Europe which was and is needed badly; it became obvious we were fed whopping lies. However, now the good Boris (Mr Johnson to you) seems to get more of a grip we might see Parliament kicking and screaming put back in the straightjacket. The Speaker will be gone because he alone has been culpable of the mistakes many make and that is feeling he is above everyone else. No mate, we sitill have a Queen. So, it is anyone’s guess what we will end up with. If the upcoming election will get the Conservative party a decent majority, well and good. If not, we will simply continue with the rubbish we see now. Or it might turn out as another coalition. Although the differences between the parties are extreme, if the Brexit party gets 10 or 15 MPs we might have a coalition comprising the Cons and the Brexes. We are in interesting political times. Even so it might turn out that the Labour party will be able to govern as a minority party in a hung parliament. In which case join the queue at the ferry terminal in Dover. If Labour gets a whiff of power we will end up as a pre-60’s socialist state, possibly worse than Russia or Venezuela today. It is one of the reasons I think we need a strong royal family just to keep it all together. So, stop your warring, brothers!
We need to ditch provincial assemblies because we have seen how this ends up. Calls for independence despite possible financial break-down. We would save billions. Boris my friend, just ditch them, send them home, no pension, no pay-out, no certificates. Good riddance. Next have a look at power needs. We need ever more power, electricity in particular. Support the sciences so that we will find new ways of generating enough to keep the lights on and factories working. Furthermore clean-up, clean-up our attitudes to waste, clean the seas, stop the discharge of foul water (sewerage) into our coastal waters and deal with the enormous mountain of plastic floating around almost everywhere. Indeed, we must or we go under. Pob hwyl i gyd!