Friday, 27 September 2019

Turmoil in the West...

What we see in the Commons, the UK Parliament, is a load of self-indignation. They all and sundry are guilty of having brought on this situation where respect has gone out of the window. We are witnessing the spectacle of the end of empire and we are beginning to realise we don’t matter in the world. One would have thought that MPs would have some recall of historical events but they seem to have already forgotten what they said and did three or so years ago! I remember it – we shall have a referendum, we will abide by the result. Yes, Parliament voted as such but ever since some half of them have tried to reverse what the public voted for. So, it is not really strange to find this aggro in Parliament. I’ll wait for the moment when the Scottish SNP members lose their cool and whack a few on the chins of the PM or the Leader of the House. It’ll come. Or poor Ian the SNP leader in the Commons will walk in with a claymore down his left trouser leg. Culloden all over again. Yeah, let’s have revenge, baby! You will agree with me that our political system thanks to some pretty bad previous managements has gone down the drain. It needs overhauling. The problem is that the Speaker, an overbearing half-wit is also of the opinion that Brexit is alike to drowning the baby in the bathwater. Talking about how not to manage a gathering? Anyway, hopefully Boris will not lose his drive because if he does we might get a country where the state will decide when we will die. And that’ll be sooner than you think!

Besides all these things, bad as it is, a question in my mind goes like this – looking at all the political unrest almost everywhere, Trumpy baby under pressure in the US, British politics in turmoil, the EU basically under constant attack, the Middle East still in a bad way, should we ask whether a foreign power or powers are meddling about?
Anyway, it will take some time to sort all this out, so keep strong normal people, keep your head and just smile ruefully and think of your next holiday with a company that will not go bust!.

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