Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Join the madhouse?

We have mentioned the state of politics in the UK quite a few times. Every time we thought that it could not get worse but every time it did. Now in early September 2019 the political hothouse or should I say ‘mad house’ has gone another step further. Where are the political parties? MPs are seen crossing sides everyday according to the latest whim. One day they are Conservative, another day they fancy being Labour and on a Friday they are Lib-Dems. Obviously Britain at the moment is ungovernable, in fact has not got a government. Only one in name only. It seems we are led by grandstanding idiots, Marxists and God knows what else all trying to shout as loud as they can. I have said before Westminster is out of date, has no purpose and should be shut for ever. Make it a museum as those who are in it right now are no more than waxworks anyway.
It is a sorry state, they talk about Boris doing a coup, in fact we have a dictatorship. Eh? As it appears to me it is not Boris who is the dictator but those who accuse him of being so. The question now is this – what next? An election seems the obvious way but will that solve the issue? If Boris wins a decent majority as is likely will the Conservative party as it is right now stay behind him? I think perhaps Boris should call their bluff and indeed shut Parliament and go for it. Become what they have accused him of – a dictator! Or call the army in and suspend all political activity until people regain their senses. But do it quickly. Get the generals to decide what to do next! This is not strange to us, we've had a dictatorship before and it worked (for a time).

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