Monday, 30 September 2019

It's a mad, mad world...

I might have said it before, so apologies but with the present state of the government and indeed the whole Westminster lot you might be forgiven to think you have landed in the Middle East. A third world country. You might be right because at this moment in time we certainly look like that. The newspapers are full of sex stories, Boris Johnson’s escapades, John Majors pathetic ramblings and much more. Although I believe that we all have become a bit deaf and blind to all these goings on we will have to draw a line somewhere. Again the few things Boris did or not did don’t really interest me. Frankly I think most of us men probably think ‘Blimey how does he do it’? Looking at it I see a blonde good-looking lady who needs support for a business project. Sidles up to the mayor and uses her undoubtedly good charms. Has Boris fallen for that? May be he has, maybe he hasn’t. Whatever, it is not really important but what is important is how he will manage to get Brexit done. I wish him the best of luck. In all of this we can easily see how politics have changed. We do no longer have these bowler hatted black clad fairies floating along Whitehall. Those who classed themselves way above everybody else. In fact these were a different type of human being altogether, perhaps not really human at all. Would there be a planet close by full of black suited, bowler-hatted, Eton tie wearing bipeds? Well could be, but now we have full-blooded, whisky guzzling, jeans wearing, Marx readers. We have an emerging very young un-experienced University educated(!?) newcomers and so on. Westminster has become ‘normal’.
Whatever normal is nowadays. Not many see that the real problem is not the common market, not the customs union but the establishment of yet another empire. The European state run by a load of unelected megalomaniacs. Our wonderfully educated university students with degrees in Home Economics, or Media Studies who pontificate about world peace, perhaps quite rightly, are actually working towards that goal of another superstate. Which incidentally is why the US is supporting the UK so openly. Not because they love us but to stop the establishment of the European superstate. The UK still, on its own, believes it has an empire. Now called the Commonwealth. Whatever, these are interesting times and it is fun to look behind the smoke-screen!
Oh by the way, did you know that Boris touched a lady’s thigh 20 years ago? No, I didn’t either. Twenty years ago I was ogling beauties on the beach. Just now wondering what he did 30 years ago? Was he at Woodstock smoking pot perhaps? Salivating at the thought of how to stroke a thigh or two? Or 40 years ago at school looking at the nudist summer-camp magazine? What a shower, the UK is just like a Christmas panto!

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