Monday, 16 September 2019

French chateau - time to relax?

Oh yes, I am a great fan of a television programme named ‘Escape to the Chateau’. It portrays a British former lieutenant-colonel and TV presenter Dick Strawbridge and his family moving to a French chateau. Now, most Brits would not attempt that you’d think? But no there are quite a few. It is interesting to see how they cope with these crumbling edifices. From rotten windows to having to input complete new heating systems and corresponding plumbing. Including taking out the old lead rubbish. The programme is good but there is one irking thing that can be heard over and over again. The shortage of time to do things. Yes people, here is a whole family that attempts to restore a building bigger than my house by 1,000 and they appear to work in strict time, even have a wedding with hundreds of guests while installing toilets in the garden. I am not buying that, obviously the producers have thought we need a bit of pressure here to make it interesting. Oh Jeesh are they going to complete this smoker in the cellar just because Dick likes smoked cheese? To complete before the rain starts perhaps? Or President Trump will output another tweet? I think the programme is great, I admire their courage to attempt such tasks but please have less of the ‘There is no time to do this, but let’s do it anyway’ stuff.

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