Saturday, 14 September 2019

A dream is just a dream, is it?

I had a dream last night. No, I am not a dreamer or a depressive type guy but isn’t it funny that thoughts or visions sometimes make you think? I dreamt I was on holiday, great but it was a landscape from the past. Probably picked up from a picture or so I must have seen somewhere. A Dutch landscape of never-ending vistas, heather fields interspersed with here and there shrubby trees. Now I know Holland I lived there but these wide landscapes are no longer there. In my youth I roamed over the meadows just outside Amsterdam, now a concrete monstrosity. It made me think how we humans are actually changing our world. Even here in Wales the changes are enormous. New housing estates are springing up everywhere. Why? I was not aware there was a big problem in Wales as far as housing was concerned? The landscape I dreamt about is certainly no longer there. The last time I had received a picture from the Dutch family (yes I keep in touch!) you can see nothing but houses. It is not talked about much I suppose but in a land-area not much bigger than Wales, there are over 16million people in Holland (The Netherlands). They call that ‘wonen bij hutje en mutje’ (living on top of one another). Yes, that is the way the whole world is going. And it has started in Wales. The 3.5 million will soon be 5 million, the floodgates have opened. Friends you see how a dream opens the thought process. You dream about something from the past and then you see the present all around you and you no longer recognise it because you walk around with closed eyes. I suppose it is because we do not see the minute changes that happen every second of the day. We just get used to them without noticing the impact they have on our existence. Take the new furore about SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride) a gas apparently so powerful as being capable to ruin the atmosphere. Great, together with carbon dioxide, methane et all we will leave a world fit for mosses and lichens, the rest has died. I just cannot get it into my head how thoughtless we are. We apparently have ideas but instead of looking at possible implications eg thinking it through we just implement these ideas without further thought. Remember a (in)famous parliament? Plenty of hot air, ideas by the thousand but most of them when carried out are so wrong they had to be cancelled. That is the way most governments work, I call it ‘stop-gap’ government. A problem arises, they find a solution(!) and that opens up another ten problems. Apparently science works like that as well. So, what will take the place of SF6? Hold your breath it could be carbon dioxide making a comeback. God help us all.

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