Friday, 20 September 2019

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If you thought the world was a funny, a bit of an idiotic place, it has just gone a bit further. The Canadian prime minister has had to apologise for dressing up as a black (can we still use this word?) man complete with turban in a party held in 2001. Can I remember what I did 18 years ago? Not really much but I must have said all sorts of now unacceptable words and have had ideas of blowing up something or the other. Will I apologise? In my part of Wales, no-one apologises for anything anytime. So, Mr Trudeau don’t worry you’ll be welcome in the Valleys!

The next idiotic thing that happened recently is the furore about the memoirs of that glorious politician the previous prime minister Mr Cameron. Why would somebody who virtually ruined his country write his memoirs? Good question. If it was me I would have gone on a very long trip and get lost on an uninhabited island. Well, he was a politician, Eton educated, do we need to say any more?

In the mean time we are trundling on with Brexit. By now I think everyone has forgotten what it is about. The question is what really do MPs want? There are 650 of ‘m in that rat-infested place, so I presume there are 650 ideas of how to deal with the people of Britain. Make no mistake, politicians are NOT for the people. They only need us, the voters, to elect them to a life of Riley. Once they’re in you will rarely see them. They will have ‘surgeries’, an apt name indeed. They will cut you to pieces. Listening with a sickly sweet smile on their faces but that is as far as it goes.

Anyway, Brexit will never go away. Believe it because no ‘deal’ will ever pass through Westminster. It is either stay or leave literally with ‘no-deal’. There aren’t many people, certainly not MPs who understand that the ‘real’ negotiations will start after having left!
All this talk presently is designed for one thing, to create mayhem in the UK so that we will revoke Article 50. So far the political class in Brussels have the upper hand. The Brexit idea is to them the beginning of the end of the unification plan.

And lastly, climate change is now gaining more notice due to the many protests now across the world. High time too! We can justly deduce that it has not been high on many government agendas. The reason for that is the governments have a high stake in not doing anything but the most necessary. The tax income from diesel and petrol sales is so high that without it the economy as it is will collapse altogether. The problem also is that building more and more offshore wind-farms is not quite as carbon neutral as we are led to believe. In fact tonnes of carbon are released through building each and everyone of these monstrosities. Yet here in Wales a very good alternative, the Swansea barrage, was voted down. This barrage could provide most of Wales’ power needs. But we rather build wind turbines. Why? Because it provides loads of employment. The truth is that governments are in a cleft stick. Yes, we need to tackle climate change but we also need to provide for 60+million people!
So far no end in sight, we are merrily carrying on. The world will be a bit warmer next year. Will my heating bill be less though?

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