Monday, 30 September 2019

It's a mad, mad world...

I might have said it before, so apologies but with the present state of the government and indeed the whole Westminster lot you might be forgiven to think you have landed in the Middle East. A third world country. You might be right because at this moment in time we certainly look like that. The newspapers are full of sex stories, Boris Johnson’s escapades, John Majors pathetic ramblings and much more. Although I believe that we all have become a bit deaf and blind to all these goings on we will have to draw a line somewhere. Again the few things Boris did or not did don’t really interest me. Frankly I think most of us men probably think ‘Blimey how does he do it’? Looking at it I see a blonde good-looking lady who needs support for a business project. Sidles up to the mayor and uses her undoubtedly good charms. Has Boris fallen for that? May be he has, maybe he hasn’t. Whatever, it is not really important but what is important is how he will manage to get Brexit done. I wish him the best of luck. In all of this we can easily see how politics have changed. We do no longer have these bowler hatted black clad fairies floating along Whitehall. Those who classed themselves way above everybody else. In fact these were a different type of human being altogether, perhaps not really human at all. Would there be a planet close by full of black suited, bowler-hatted, Eton tie wearing bipeds? Well could be, but now we have full-blooded, whisky guzzling, jeans wearing, Marx readers. We have an emerging very young un-experienced University educated(!?) newcomers and so on. Westminster has become ‘normal’.
Whatever normal is nowadays. Not many see that the real problem is not the common market, not the customs union but the establishment of yet another empire. The European state run by a load of unelected megalomaniacs. Our wonderfully educated university students with degrees in Home Economics, or Media Studies who pontificate about world peace, perhaps quite rightly, are actually working towards that goal of another superstate. Which incidentally is why the US is supporting the UK so openly. Not because they love us but to stop the establishment of the European superstate. The UK still, on its own, believes it has an empire. Now called the Commonwealth. Whatever, these are interesting times and it is fun to look behind the smoke-screen!
Oh by the way, did you know that Boris touched a lady’s thigh 20 years ago? No, I didn’t either. Twenty years ago I was ogling beauties on the beach. Just now wondering what he did 30 years ago? Was he at Woodstock smoking pot perhaps? Salivating at the thought of how to stroke a thigh or two? Or 40 years ago at school looking at the nudist summer-camp magazine? What a shower, the UK is just like a Christmas panto!

Friday, 27 September 2019

Turmoil in the West...

What we see in the Commons, the UK Parliament, is a load of self-indignation. They all and sundry are guilty of having brought on this situation where respect has gone out of the window. We are witnessing the spectacle of the end of empire and we are beginning to realise we don’t matter in the world. One would have thought that MPs would have some recall of historical events but they seem to have already forgotten what they said and did three or so years ago! I remember it – we shall have a referendum, we will abide by the result. Yes, Parliament voted as such but ever since some half of them have tried to reverse what the public voted for. So, it is not really strange to find this aggro in Parliament. I’ll wait for the moment when the Scottish SNP members lose their cool and whack a few on the chins of the PM or the Leader of the House. It’ll come. Or poor Ian the SNP leader in the Commons will walk in with a claymore down his left trouser leg. Culloden all over again. Yeah, let’s have revenge, baby! You will agree with me that our political system thanks to some pretty bad previous managements has gone down the drain. It needs overhauling. The problem is that the Speaker, an overbearing half-wit is also of the opinion that Brexit is alike to drowning the baby in the bathwater. Talking about how not to manage a gathering? Anyway, hopefully Boris will not lose his drive because if he does we might get a country where the state will decide when we will die. And that’ll be sooner than you think!

Besides all these things, bad as it is, a question in my mind goes like this – looking at all the political unrest almost everywhere, Trumpy baby under pressure in the US, British politics in turmoil, the EU basically under constant attack, the Middle East still in a bad way, should we ask whether a foreign power or powers are meddling about?
Anyway, it will take some time to sort all this out, so keep strong normal people, keep your head and just smile ruefully and think of your next holiday with a company that will not go bust!.

Friday, 20 September 2019

A bit of everything...

If you thought the world was a funny, a bit of an idiotic place, it has just gone a bit further. The Canadian prime minister has had to apologise for dressing up as a black (can we still use this word?) man complete with turban in a party held in 2001. Can I remember what I did 18 years ago? Not really much but I must have said all sorts of now unacceptable words and have had ideas of blowing up something or the other. Will I apologise? In my part of Wales, no-one apologises for anything anytime. So, Mr Trudeau don’t worry you’ll be welcome in the Valleys!

The next idiotic thing that happened recently is the furore about the memoirs of that glorious politician the previous prime minister Mr Cameron. Why would somebody who virtually ruined his country write his memoirs? Good question. If it was me I would have gone on a very long trip and get lost on an uninhabited island. Well, he was a politician, Eton educated, do we need to say any more?

In the mean time we are trundling on with Brexit. By now I think everyone has forgotten what it is about. The question is what really do MPs want? There are 650 of ‘m in that rat-infested place, so I presume there are 650 ideas of how to deal with the people of Britain. Make no mistake, politicians are NOT for the people. They only need us, the voters, to elect them to a life of Riley. Once they’re in you will rarely see them. They will have ‘surgeries’, an apt name indeed. They will cut you to pieces. Listening with a sickly sweet smile on their faces but that is as far as it goes.

Anyway, Brexit will never go away. Believe it because no ‘deal’ will ever pass through Westminster. It is either stay or leave literally with ‘no-deal’. There aren’t many people, certainly not MPs who understand that the ‘real’ negotiations will start after having left!
All this talk presently is designed for one thing, to create mayhem in the UK so that we will revoke Article 50. So far the political class in Brussels have the upper hand. The Brexit idea is to them the beginning of the end of the unification plan.

And lastly, climate change is now gaining more notice due to the many protests now across the world. High time too! We can justly deduce that it has not been high on many government agendas. The reason for that is the governments have a high stake in not doing anything but the most necessary. The tax income from diesel and petrol sales is so high that without it the economy as it is will collapse altogether. The problem also is that building more and more offshore wind-farms is not quite as carbon neutral as we are led to believe. In fact tonnes of carbon are released through building each and everyone of these monstrosities. Yet here in Wales a very good alternative, the Swansea barrage, was voted down. This barrage could provide most of Wales’ power needs. But we rather build wind turbines. Why? Because it provides loads of employment. The truth is that governments are in a cleft stick. Yes, we need to tackle climate change but we also need to provide for 60+million people!
So far no end in sight, we are merrily carrying on. The world will be a bit warmer next year. Will my heating bill be less though?

Monday, 16 September 2019

French chateau - time to relax?

Oh yes, I am a great fan of a television programme named ‘Escape to the Chateau’. It portrays a British former lieutenant-colonel and TV presenter Dick Strawbridge and his family moving to a French chateau. Now, most Brits would not attempt that you’d think? But no there are quite a few. It is interesting to see how they cope with these crumbling edifices. From rotten windows to having to input complete new heating systems and corresponding plumbing. Including taking out the old lead rubbish. The programme is good but there is one irking thing that can be heard over and over again. The shortage of time to do things. Yes people, here is a whole family that attempts to restore a building bigger than my house by 1,000 and they appear to work in strict time, even have a wedding with hundreds of guests while installing toilets in the garden. I am not buying that, obviously the producers have thought we need a bit of pressure here to make it interesting. Oh Jeesh are they going to complete this smoker in the cellar just because Dick likes smoked cheese? To complete before the rain starts perhaps? Or President Trump will output another tweet? I think the programme is great, I admire their courage to attempt such tasks but please have less of the ‘There is no time to do this, but let’s do it anyway’ stuff.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

A dream is just a dream, is it?

I had a dream last night. No, I am not a dreamer or a depressive type guy but isn’t it funny that thoughts or visions sometimes make you think? I dreamt I was on holiday, great but it was a landscape from the past. Probably picked up from a picture or so I must have seen somewhere. A Dutch landscape of never-ending vistas, heather fields interspersed with here and there shrubby trees. Now I know Holland I lived there but these wide landscapes are no longer there. In my youth I roamed over the meadows just outside Amsterdam, now a concrete monstrosity. It made me think how we humans are actually changing our world. Even here in Wales the changes are enormous. New housing estates are springing up everywhere. Why? I was not aware there was a big problem in Wales as far as housing was concerned? The landscape I dreamt about is certainly no longer there. The last time I had received a picture from the Dutch family (yes I keep in touch!) you can see nothing but houses. It is not talked about much I suppose but in a land-area not much bigger than Wales, there are over 16million people in Holland (The Netherlands). They call that ‘wonen bij hutje en mutje’ (living on top of one another). Yes, that is the way the whole world is going. And it has started in Wales. The 3.5 million will soon be 5 million, the floodgates have opened. Friends you see how a dream opens the thought process. You dream about something from the past and then you see the present all around you and you no longer recognise it because you walk around with closed eyes. I suppose it is because we do not see the minute changes that happen every second of the day. We just get used to them without noticing the impact they have on our existence. Take the new furore about SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride) a gas apparently so powerful as being capable to ruin the atmosphere. Great, together with carbon dioxide, methane et all we will leave a world fit for mosses and lichens, the rest has died. I just cannot get it into my head how thoughtless we are. We apparently have ideas but instead of looking at possible implications eg thinking it through we just implement these ideas without further thought. Remember a (in)famous parliament? Plenty of hot air, ideas by the thousand but most of them when carried out are so wrong they had to be cancelled. That is the way most governments work, I call it ‘stop-gap’ government. A problem arises, they find a solution(!) and that opens up another ten problems. Apparently science works like that as well. So, what will take the place of SF6? Hold your breath it could be carbon dioxide making a comeback. God help us all.

Sunday, 8 September 2019


Dw i wedi bod ar fy wyliau yng Ngorllewin Cymru. Mewn gwirionydd Amroth. Castell Amroth. Lle wych. Mae'r traeth yn llydan iawn, ar lanw isel wrth gwrs. Os mae’r haul yn tywynnu ac mae gen i gwrw yn fy llaw, ie NEFOEDD. Mae’r daith yn hawdd os ydych cael yr amser yn iawn. Yn gynnar yn y bore neu’r ôl deg o’r gloch. Ychydig o draffig ond welais i llawer o giwiau ar y ffordd ger Caerfyrddin (Trafford A48). Yr un peth, dw i ddim glywed am y broblemau gyda’r Ty’r Cyffredin yn Lundain (Senedd). Nawr wedi pleidleisio o blaid cymryd rheolaeth o amserlen y Senedd! Byddet ti’n ei gredu? Na? Wel, mae’n wir! Efallai byddwn yn meddwl tybed beth nesaf? Wn i ddim! Felly, beth am yr wyliau nesa’? Siŵr i fod, rhaid iddo fod Amroth eto. Ac hefyd rhaid i fi ymweld â’r Iseldiroedd oherwydd fy nheulu yn byw ger y maes awyr. Dw i’n garu bwyd ‘herring’, pysgod yn halen. A hefyd os mae’r tywydd yn iawn fe fydda i’n ymweld â ‘Keukenhof’. Castell ydy e gyda gardd mawr, llawer o ‘tulpen’ (tiwlipau). Wrth gwrs, rhid ini ddim anghofio Amsterdam, y ‘Rijksmuseum’ (Amgueddfa Cyffredinol). Paentiadau gan Rembrandt fel ‘Nachtwacht’ (Gwylio’r Nos). A nesaf cymryd taith trwy’r gamlesi. Wych!
Gobeithio dw i wedi defnyddio’rr iaith yn iawn! Dysgwr ydw i a fynd i’r coleg yn y Rhondda.
Wel, pam lai dw i’n byw yng Nghymru nawr. Hwyl am y tro.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Join the madhouse?

We have mentioned the state of politics in the UK quite a few times. Every time we thought that it could not get worse but every time it did. Now in early September 2019 the political hothouse or should I say ‘mad house’ has gone another step further. Where are the political parties? MPs are seen crossing sides everyday according to the latest whim. One day they are Conservative, another day they fancy being Labour and on a Friday they are Lib-Dems. Obviously Britain at the moment is ungovernable, in fact has not got a government. Only one in name only. It seems we are led by grandstanding idiots, Marxists and God knows what else all trying to shout as loud as they can. I have said before Westminster is out of date, has no purpose and should be shut for ever. Make it a museum as those who are in it right now are no more than waxworks anyway.
It is a sorry state, they talk about Boris doing a coup, in fact we have a dictatorship. Eh? As it appears to me it is not Boris who is the dictator but those who accuse him of being so. The question now is this – what next? An election seems the obvious way but will that solve the issue? If Boris wins a decent majority as is likely will the Conservative party as it is right now stay behind him? I think perhaps Boris should call their bluff and indeed shut Parliament and go for it. Become what they have accused him of – a dictator! Or call the army in and suspend all political activity until people regain their senses. But do it quickly. Get the generals to decide what to do next! This is not strange to us, we've had a dictatorship before and it worked (for a time).