Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Social Media a scourge on humanity...

Reading the Daily Express’ political article a few days ago about social media by Mr Pollard is quite revealing. Yes, SM is a problem, particularly for 10-17 year olds. But as he said ‘Let’s not forget the adults’.
Using ‘sneering’ language is too easy. The US president governs through tweets which is not how to govern, methinks. But the genie is out of the bottle now, we have to find ways of putting it back without corking the wine. Part of the problem of course is the fact that social media shows up the bad side of humanity. It shows how powerless the lower and middle classes are in real terms. The continual reporting of ‘bad news’ is a factor as well. When politicians elected on promises of ‘I will change the way we live for the good’ forget that the public purse is not their personal purse and showing their every word good or bad then the SM gates are thrown open and the horse bolted. That is the problem, we the great unwashed, adults and kids alike can now vent our ire and disgust about our shabby lives. And with some gusto we do! But unfortunately it also takes away common sense. It warps our sense of reality. It also will make a lot of us aspire to a life unsuited generally. Just look at the celebrity cults. The only thing really is to begin anew. Yes, SM is here to stay so let us belatedly teach children how to use it properly. Starting with school.

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