Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Political class disappointing?

A report in a national newspaper today stated that the Queen (Elizabeth II) is rather disappointed in the political class and their inability to govern. No, really? Well, normally the Queen stays out of politics or rather, refrains from making public political comments. But I think that’s wrong. The Queen albeit the titular head of the nation should be able to talk about the present situation. The situation of our political class to properly govern and direct the affairs of the nation to the benefit of all. I am not sure what people think about the Theresa May government but despite all the ‘upbeat’ messages of ‘We will do Brexit because that’s what we voted for’ she was totally powerless to do so. Instead of immediately resigning she muddled on for three years together with a host of liars and people who saw a chance to further their own agendas. As I have mentioned before we needed a ‘strong’ man or woman to break the impasse. By all accounts Boris has started well, no results yet but if the rhetoric and promises come to life we will finally get back on the right track. Despite well-meaning idiots like the Green Party now trying to set up an alternate government with only women or the Labour party suddenly veering to disband the Union, yes believe it because this is Britain 2019! So, carry on Boris whip ‘m into shape, there is not much time left! Have a little snifter on me.
(For those who do not know what a snifter is – it is found in a bottle, pretty alcoholic and poured into a small glass and enjoyed drinking it, usually served in countrywide pubs).

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