Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Mass extermination or mass extinction?

There is not a great deal of difference in the outcome of both. In the first instance it means someone or ones are doing it, in the second instance some accident or happening is the cause. I saw a TV programme just called Mass Extinction that looked at the two that have happened in the far off past. One in the Permian epoch and one that put paid to the dinosaurs, the Triassic epoch. The outcome of both was that 90% of life just disappeared. The Permian extinction was attributed to an enormous volcanic upheaval somewhere what is now Siberia and the Triassic calamity was supposedly caused by a 50 kilometre asteroid plunging in the Caribbean /Mexico. In both cases it seemed that the enormous amount of gases freed coupled with darkened skies due to dust and smoke killed off plants everywhere. The Earth warmed up considerably due to carbon dioxide, sulphur and other gases. The point made was that today, humanity is taking the place of these natural disasters. We are degrading the land surface of the planet to such an extent nothing can grow. Trees are felled by the million, plastic is poisoning the oceans permeating all life within it. The funny thing is that although warnings have been coming fast and frequent, no-one is taking a blind bit of notice. We are merrily carrying on. We might have thought politicians would be more aware of the reasons why the Earth is warming up and the possible problems that will come with it.
I have said before and mentioned some research that was carried out in species’ density. In other words they wanted to see what the density of species could be in a defined living area. Obviously, food availability and space were the main issues. The same rules will count for us humans. When space gets thinned out, humans like rats will turn on each other. Food and or water becoming scarce will start a great calamity as seen many times in Africa already. Let’s hope that common sense will prevail and that we will not degrade our land by too many houses, roads and concrete over land we will need for future food production. Let’s hope that common sense will prevail and all of us will curtail our nasty habit of over-consumption in almost everything. It should now be obvious that economic growth is no longer sustainable and other ways for living need to be found and developed. How? Well, I’m not a politician or environmental scientist. But through showing my views and possible compound them with other views it will help to redress the balance.

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