Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Is democracy a lost cause?

It is beginning to look like the whole of Britain has lost the complete plot. The nation voted to leave the EU and ever since then the political class and mediocre liberal London elite has machinated against it. There is a simple question – what does democracy really mean? To me it seems that we have lived in a dream, continually being fed lies but in reality the public might as well get to the beach on voting days and forget all about it. Why spend billions on preparing voting papers and such when our vote means absolutely nothing? We have MPs, even some from the Cabinet who are just self-serving megalomaniacs. Take the erstwhile Chancellor – nice man in his underpants I’m sure but as a politician he might as well go home. The trouble is that MPs no longer abide by party policies and that is shown very clearly indeed by MPs clamouring for another referendum. Moreover we now have calls for another no-confidence vote coupled with Jeremy Corbyn wanting to be care-taker PM. How stupid is this going to be? MPs seem to have forgotten that it is they who rejected a ‘deal’ three times! It must be obvious, except to them it isn’t, that there is no consensus at all and therefore a ‘No deal’ is the best way forward out of the impasse. Boris is right, get it over the line and then start talking business with the EU. MPs need to remember that all this talk about a ‘deal’ means absolutely nothing. It is afterwards when heads get together to thrash out all the finer details. Secondly we here in the UK need to seriously look at how we want to be governed. It has become a bit obvious, well at least to me, that two-party politics is no longer viable. Also the way prospective MP candidates are selected. We simply have far too many Eton and Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities) in the bag. As a result we have a political class. If you want to be a MP, it will most certainly help if you have come from the aforementioned background. It also aids the ‘brotherhood’ syndrome where those who come from the same background are preferred. The result has been a liberal aristocracy. The Labour party has adopted a view that can only be called ‘Marxist’. For those who have read Marx’ (Engels) ‘The Communist Manifesto’ will have seen the way things are going there. The class struggle is alive and well and it shows in the present situation. From where I am standing if we want a healthy system we must adopt proportional representation. Simply take out the voting for persons of whatever party you prefer. We will henceforth vote for a party. For those interested have a look at the Dutch or Belgian systems. Let’s hope that we have the courage to change and are not prepared to carry on with a system that is so wrought with problems and yes, also corruption. The act of ‘Voting’ needs to have more importance and therefore fines must be introduced for not voting. All citizens must take it as an absolute honour to be able to vote. Well, interesting I think but whatever will happen, let’s hope it’ll be good!

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