Saturday, 20 July 2019

Words galore...

WE should have a very strong look at the prevalence of strange words used by all of us in the UK, indeed in the whole world. It seems that whatever way and however words are used, someone or other feels aggrieved. Politics today is no longer an activity where people can say what I would term words of ‘normal’ usage.
For instance even ‘descriptive’ words are now circumspect. Words like Jew, Christian and other of that ilk are virtually unusable for fear of being called racist. Then you have words like ‘black’, ‘white’, ‘color’ (forgive me the American spelling or take me to court if you are offended), that are now taken as an affront to human existence. Almost all politicians now use the words ‘deeply offensive’, not just offensive, no ‘deeply offensive’. The use of adverbs is now pretty wide-spread in politics. Making descriptive words even more dramatic! I suppose in the end what is wanted is a dramatic response by the public, possibly orchestrated by the media. The thing is this, it all has little meaning. Facebook is full of ‘offensiveness’ (if that is a proper word) and Twitter can be even worse. I think we all have to learn to use words in their proper context and tone. If I said to someone face to face – ‘John, I am deeply offended by what you just said’, he would not say ‘How deep is deep?’ He would most likely just laugh and so would I. You would most likely say something like ‘Get away, you silly moron’, or words to that effect and we all would go home happy. But put them in writing and thousands will climb in the pen to say they are deeply incredibly, stupendously, and incredibly offended’. Take poor Donald from over the pond – his use of the wrong words to describe an action or event are legendary, yet he should have the right to do so, just as his adversaries have the right. About he persons he mentioned, they are pretty anti-everything. I would agree if you’re not happy where you are you have two options -1. Leave, and 2. Leave. But if you want to change something then propose your scheme of things, the things that need altering, the things that need to be disposed of etc etc and see if you can get anyone to agree and support. That’s democracy and don’t be surprised if there will be a clamour to get you keelhauled. So, the point is this, if you do not mind to say a few unpalatable words then clad yourself in some proper steel armor as what will be directed back will almost certainly be worse. Cheers and if you find it hard to turn the other cheek, just turn your back.

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