Friday, 26 July 2019

What now for the human race?

Despite so many signs that the human race has arrived at the precipice, staring into uncharted waters and possible oblivion, it just carries on as nothing has changed. More cars, more planes, more deforestation, just to name the easily defined causes of carbon release. The warming up of the oceans and seas now release tonnes of methane gas into the atmosphere and frankly there is nothing we can do about that. In the UK we seem to be proud of our control of burning fossil fuels. True but in the context of the world environment it means very little if anything at all.
These are all already well-known causes. The world’s population has reached a border, to overstep it is just to hasten the finale. What the finale will be like we do not know but I’m sure it won’t be pretty. If the snowfall in winter in the UK empties every shelf in the supermarkets as it occasionally has done, you will begin to understand what will happen if we have to stop car and lorry driving, ground all planes among others. The infrastructure of social life will have collapsed. It sure is worrying. However it may not happen at all, we just need excellent leadership from the political establishment which to say in truth has been completely missing. Every MP needs to gear themselves up to serve the good of us all and not act as complete misinformed idiots. There is a lot of work to be done and done fast! It was good to hear Boris say just that. I know people do not rate him. I think they are mistaken. I am not a Conservative, I support Plaid Cymru with this exception I do not agree with the idea of independence for its own sake. The Scots and Welsh will be better off together with the English except to say the English need some thought to be given to cooperation and a fair distribution of wealth. A massive task is ahead of us all. We might go into the sunset, the planet will probably be better off although that is unclear. A runaway climate might in the end produce another Mars/Venus type planet and devoid of life as we know it or rather as it should  be. 

Ed: It is becoming clear that the ice on the poles and glaciers are melting faster than expected. It means higher sea-levels. Are the Dutch doing anything? What about the Polynesian low atols? If rising water is going to be only a metre higher the sun drenched atols will be gone. and the Dutch dykes need to be 5 metres higher and concrete re-inforced. Wow, thinking about puts hair on my teetth! 

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