Friday, 26 July 2019

Hello Boris, goodbye EU, it was nice knowing you..

So, it is Boris. Well, good luck to him, he will sure need it. I have never understood the MPs, there are those who are absolute in their determination to stop Brexit. But they seem to have forgotten that they as a Parliament had sanctioned the vote taken in 2016. They were going to abide by the result. Obviously that was a lie. Ever since we have had personal opinions, which mostly changed every time the wind blew in from a different direction. We have had endless posturing in front of TV and endless reams of paper with thousands of reasons why this or that MP said what they said. There has been enough hot air to power 20,000 homes and untold factories.
So, what next are we, can we leave as said by 31st October? I don’t see a majority for any deal in the House. So, yes we can leave but there will be no deal. Unless the EU will change its also idiotic attitude. They have been complicit in making a deal with Mrs May which to be fair was very one-sided. Now, this might have been Mrs May’s lack of negotiattng powers or her team was more interested in the quality of the lunch and wine? Who knows. That deal included an agreement to keep the Irish border open. Well, that I have to agree is impossible! You cannot be out of Europe and then let all goods in irrespective of checks or taxes due. The only thing that could be done is border checks. But you could set up a free port on the mainland, both Ireland and the UK for goods in transit from Ireland to Europe. Goods, would be transported in sealed containers to the Channel coast. But it will be a sticky point. It needs careful thought as to how this is to be done. We don’t want Ireland to descend once more in total mayhem.

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