Sunday, 23 June 2019

Ransomware again in Florida? Seems so...

According to BBC News a Florida town has decided to pay some half a million quid to hackers who had made their systems unusable. If this is true and not ‘fake’ news purportedly put on the web by some friendly Russian or Chinese web manipulators, it shows an incredible lack of cyber management. One could easily say – Hey what happened to the back-ups then? Not backups that are attached to your mainframe but kept separate? Even I do that. I backup all the time but use a single USB drive that is kept somewhere else, away from the main system. On top of that I will have access to four separate backup dates at all times. Once a month I keep the latest on yet another drive. Yes I know I am paranoid but it works. To heck with ransomware, if it comes, hello just re-install the OS and use one of the backups for all your precious personal data! I know it works because I have had to use it a few times due to my own mistakes. So, sorry Florida town if you did not bother to use the simplest of work safety practices you deserve to be sacked. It is frightening to think how data amassed by such a council can fall into the hands of criminal groups. On top of that to pay money to such groups is an affront to public responsibility. I will now drown my sorrows and have another tot of rum. Cheers.

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