Sunday, 2 June 2019

On our merry way we go....

Whoa, I was hoping to have a nice easy Friday at the end of this month of May. But then I bought the Daily Express (a UK tabloid newspaper) and read Frederick Forsyth’s article. To say the FF is a Brexiteer is probably an understatement but nevertheless it made interesting reading because he was right. You might be a Remainer but the facts are correct, Theresa May has been a bumbling premier having made some atrocious judgements and mistakes. For myself I am asking – where do we get these people from? Eton? What are they teaching at Eton? At Oxford University? Even so, her ‘negotiations’ with Brussels must go down in history as an example of how NOT to negotiate. They obviously do not teach that at Oxford. Actually I just wonder why she bothered at all. The problem now is how to catch up with all the things in the UK that need sorting out but have been put on the shelf because madame was too busy trying to come up with more fudges to her ‘deal’. Who were her advisers? As FF pointed out – we have cohorts of cowards running the government, who run away at the earliest opportunity when things go astray. FF said that we need a complete change of politics, something I have said before as well. Reform the Commons, there are too many yes men and women, abolish the Lords and instate a voted-for second Chamber. Install proportional representation immediately. Reform the tax system so that corporations pay a fair amount. Reform the judicial system. Life to mean life, perhaps even re-install the death penalty. It might be prudent to investigate whether a national service model would or could be good for the nation. All 18 to 20 year old's to serve, male and female. I am not just talking about military service although that could be one way in addition to other tasks. Environmental, and medical are issues needing help. This to be paid work of course, and persons with high educational standing, students in the sciences could be free from such service. Well, just a few thoughts, I wonder how many will come to fruition in the future? We certainly do need change!

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